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Five facials to refresh your skin

Winter is over. Our long, hot steamy summer months will soon be back with a vengeance. If you’ve been rugged up, it’s time to peel off the layers and indulge in a bit of self-care. We checked out five facial treatments from top salons in Hong Kong to reboot your skin and bring back that healthy glow.

Banish winter dullness with a HIFU treatment

Did you know that your skin develops at a slower pace during winter? Constant exposure to cold, dry air causes skin to feel dehydrated and chapped. It’s why our appearance may seem a little duller by the time February rolls around.

Rebooting your skin is the perfect way to wake your complexion from its winter slumber. Bio Beauty Spa therapist IVY recommends a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment to achieve exactly this. “By getting this treatment, you effectively restart the skin regeneration and rejuvenation process,” says Ivy. “It acts as a booster to produce collagen.” Boosting collagen is effective in the rejuvenation process because it’s what helps with the elasticity of our skin to keep us looking young.

Hifu facial

So, how does the HIFU process work?

It’s a precise facial treatment that applies high-intensity focused energy to lift the face and firm the skin, regenerating skin cells and healing damaged skin tissues. Ivy recommends the treatment for anyone who’d like to “brighten and even out the skin’s complexion, reduce the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce pigmentation or blemishes present on the skin.” She adds that it can also improve your jawline by making it look more prominent.

Visit Bio Beauty Spa at 201 Lyndhurst Building, 29 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central.

Energise your complexion with an anti-pollution facial

The air quality this winter has been terrible. It’s not just our lungs that suffer, it’s our complexions too. If pollution has robbed you of your natural glow, you might be the perfect candidate for an Anti-Pollution Facial treatment at Emmanuel F.


This targeted treatment has been created specifically for those needing their batteries recharged. Founder Emmanuel Faixpoux gives us a glimpse into how it works. “Relax for a moment and abandon yourself to the expert hands of our beautician. Then indulge in fresh fragrances, light and creamy textures, and active ingredients such as vegetal oil chlorophyll and algae, which energise the skin and stimulate radiance.”

The team at Emmanuel F also recommends removing dry skin with a body polish treatment in order to smooth the skin and bring back its natural shine.

Special deal

In March, book yourself in for any Signature Basic Facial (75 minutes, HK$1,100) and enjoy a free Full Body Organic Salt Scrub (30 minutes, usually $570) on the same day! Advance booking essential.

Emmanuel F is at UG/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
2167 8280 |

Save winter-ravaged skin with a rehydrating facial

Winter is the most polluted time of the year in Hong Kong. It’s also drier, which delivers a double-barrelled dehydration challenge to our complexions.

If you’re struggling to put your best face forward, you’re not alone. With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for bare faces and hours in the sun. Sioban Guilfoyle, owner of Glow Spa & Salon, knows all too well the challenges we face coming out of Hong Kong winters. She kindly offers her expert recommendations on how we can salvage dehydrated skin and get in tip-top condition for sun, sea and all things spring.

Glow Spa

“The two top tips for good skin are always hydration and cleanliness. This means that drinking plenty of water and keeping your face clean are both paramount,” says Sioban.

This time of year, it’s not uncommon for faces to feel dehydrated with more conspicuous and visible lines. But before you panic and reach for more permanent interventions, there are several highly effective, not to mention relaxing, treatments that can be tried. Here are three to consider:

Power C+ Facial

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and one of the most valued ingredients in dermatology, known for stimulating the skin’s metabolism and the formation of collagen. Sioban recommends Glow’s Power C+ Facial. She explains, “It uses a superior concentration of high absorption Vitamin C – the most powerful ever created by Skeyndor – with the technology of negative and positive polarity to open and close the pores to seal in the serum and infuse the cells.” This treatment is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Eternal Facial

For ladies who are 30 or above, Sioban recommends the Eternal Facial, which uses coveted plant-origin stem cells for an anti-ageing effect that lasts. The main purpose is to encourage the production of epidermal stem cells and stimulate the skin to recover lost density and elasticity. This hydrating treatment is suitable for all skin types and yields a noticeable difference after just one session.

Hyaluronic Facial

If you’re looking to saturate your skin with hydration after a long dry winter, look no further than the Hyaluronic Facial. This will rebalance the skin’s natural hydrodynamics by combining hyaluronic acid with a potent aquaporin activator. Hyaluronic (a natural molecule) is considered a “true sponge” because of its ability to retain a thousand times its weight in water. It’s a hard worker!

Now is the time to get yourself booked in for some skin self-care before the humidity and heat really hit.

For a free consultation, call 2525 5198 or email


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