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Volunteering in Hong Kong: 13 ways to help

Got some spare time on your hands and want to put it to good use for a worthwhile cause? Take a look at our rundown of great volunteering opportunities across the city.

#1 Pathfinders

This charity aims to help domestic workers who become pregnant and have their work contracts unlawfully terminated by employers. Pathfinders helps by assisting with visa status, options for returning home and adoption choices, and it welcomes volunteers.

Volunteering in Hong Kong

#2 Crossroads

This HongKong-based charity links those in need with those who can help. It offers several worthwhile services including distributing Hong Kong’s quality excess goods to those in need globally as well as selling fair trade goods from people in poverty.

#3 Hong Kong Dog Rescue

Hong Kong Dog Rescue was founded in 2003 and has re-homed more than 7,500 dogs. It usually requires volunteers to help with dog walking.

#4 Bring Me A Book

Hong Kong has one of the lowest rates of family literacy in the world and this organisation aims to improve this with volunteer programmes such as becoming a trained storyteller for storytelling sessions at community centres and libraries.

#5 Po Leung Kuk

Po Leung Kuk provides social services to families and children. Volunteers are always needed for its kindgartens/nurseries, the Po Leung Kuk Museum, the Elderly Home and in other areas.

Put your spare time to good use by volunteering
Put your spare time to good use by volunteering

#6 Vision First

This independent, Hong Kong-based NGO provides services, advice and information to refugees seeking protection in the city. It also campaigns for rights, advocates for fair treatment and raises awareness of issues. Volunteers contribute according to personal skills, interest, ability and time.

#7 Food Angel

This food rescue and assistance programme was founded in 2009. The aim of the charity is to reduce food waste and help families in need. It is always looking for helpers to assist with food collection, preparation and distribution. Download a volunteering form from the website.

#8 Changing Young Lives Foundation

The city has 380,000 children living in poverty. Many of these youngsters have not been identified and are forgotten. Changing Young Lives provides health, welfare, educational and recreational programmes for these children. Volunteering assistance is welcome.

#9 HandsOn Hong Kong

Founded in 2007, HandsOn Hong Kong is a registered charity dedicated to community-based volunteerism. It actively recruits and trains volunteers for community projects from visiting the elderly to helping with preparations for large-scale charity events.

#10 One Sky

In 1997, Jenny and Richard Bowen adopted a toddler from a welfare institution in southern China. From that day, they received a harsh, first-hand education about the harmful effects of institutionalising small children: their little girl suffered from severe delays and, most worrisome, she was emotionally shut down. After one year of care and loving attention they realised how easy it was to make a difference and decided to launch a charity to do the same for many others. They are always looking for help with volunteering for events, fundraising and more.

#11 Hong Kong Cleanup

This group has coordinated community clean-ups and other educational activities in Hong Kong since 2000. Open to the general public, it hosts the Annual Cleanup Challenge along with specific event events for community and corporate groups.

#12 EcoDrive

EcoDrive promotes the awareness and reduction of single use plastic in Hong Kong through education, connecting with corporates, and providing possible solutions.

#13 Mother’s Choice

Founded in 1987 by a small group of people concerned about the plight of Hong Kong’s single women and their children, Mother’s Choice has since provided loving and nurturing care for thousands of children needing permanent homes and helped single girls facing crisis pregnancies.

Tips from our readers: “Do you support a charity or volunteer?”

“There are so many that you can choose from, depending on the cause. We are currently supporting Mind HK, which promotes mental health awareness in Hong Kong.” – Maria

“I co-founded the NGO EcoDrive, which raises awareness of the dangers of single-use plastic in Hong Kong. I also support a range of charities including SoCO, Mother’s Choice and Box of Hope.” – Claire

“Two Presents (twopresents.com) is my favourite social enterprise. The concept is centred around reducing gift waste, teaching children about social and environmental issues in their communities, and supporting social causes to make our world a better place.” – Neelam

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