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Tips for school interviews (PODCAST)

This episode is all about school interviews. Here in Hong Kong, school interviews are very common, in fact, as you’ll hear from our expert, some schools are interviewing one year olds! It may sound odd, but it’s happening.

Ruth Benny is the founder of Top Schools. She is a famous school consultant in Asia and the go-to expert for expats looking to secure a school place. Ruth shares insight into:

  • Preschool interviews – what to expect, the format of interviews and what preschools are looking for in students
  • Primary school entry interviews – group interviews, whether the ability to read and write is essential, and the most appealing traits for Year 1 kids
  • Late primary entry – what age written testing is introduced and how school interviews evolve for older primary students
  • High school interviews – standardised testing for teens, relevant school reports, confidential reporting from previous schools and taster days
  • Learning support – the reality around students requiring learning support and how this is handled for admissions

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You can reach Ruth via topschools.com.hk

About this podcast series

Welcome to Schools in Hong Kong, Expat Living’s podcast that introduces expat parents to our city’s international schools. If you are moving to Hong Kong or you are living here and starting to look at school options, this is the podcast for you!

Our editor has spent years visiting schools and meeting with Principals, there are some fantastic education options available to us in Hong Kong. But, as parents, we know the school choices here can be overwhelming. This is why we put together this podcast, to help parents better understand their options.

Scroll through our feed and you can listen to a range of episodes, from Principal insight to tips for school interviews. We will introduce you to the city’s experts who can help you learn more about different curriculum choices, popular international schools, the realities and advantages of learning Chinese, what the local system is like, and a whole lot more.

If you have a question or some feedback to share, we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with our team by emailing us at editor@expatliving.hk

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