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Tips for moving during uncertain times

Moving is stressful enough as it is. Add a pandemic or social unrest to the mix and you’re most certainly faced with one of the trickier times in your life. We caught up with the experts at Crown Relocations to find out how international moves are being impacted during these uncertain times – and how you can best manage a move.

Moving during covid-19
Relocating used to start with a home visit, but not any more…

# 1 Get organised early to avoid COVID-19 challenges

According to Crown Relocations, due to the changing nature of the coronavirus pandemic, booked moves may potentially be postponed or cancelled. This means getting organised is of utmost importance. So, now is a good time to start getting quotes from professional international movers and understanding the estimated shipping times and worst-case scenarios.

It’s also timely to do some research about what you can and can’t take with you. Don’t wait for the last minute to find out whether your television or other electronic devices will work in your new country. The situation varies from country to country and you might need to sell some belongings – so get started.

#2 Create a complete inventory

It’s essential you understand the logistical and transport costs of your move. Start by creating a complete inventory of what you own. Then, decide what’s going with you and, if you’re planning on coming back, what’s going into storage. Depending on what you’re taking, air freight, while faster than road or sea, is generally much more expensive.

Your move consultant will be able to help with this inventory creation and talk you through freight options. Crown is fully digital, and can conduct virtual consultations without having to come to your home. A consultant will video call you and itemise what you’d like shipped. Through the video call, they’ill also be able to identify any items that need additional protection, and answer any of your questions.

Crown Relocations
Now, you can get help with your inventory and quoting via a virtual consultation by Crown Relocations

# 3 Secure your finances

Financial matters raise some of the biggest concerns for people moving abroad. Address any questions about opening and closing bank accounts, managing pensions and disparities in tax as early as possible. Understand how current business closures and social distancing measures are going to impact your ability to set these up in your new location.

# 4 Do your research

Obviously, a change in location brings differences in culture, climate and even how you will spend your leisure time. Decide what needs to be done prior to your move, such as visa applications and renewals, and what needs to be done after you arrive, like finding a local doctor and grocery store.

It’s best to do your research before you pack your boxes

#5 Consider whether you’re moving solo or with family

If you’re on your own, chances are you’ll want to make friends quickly. If you’re moving with a partner, they may be interested in job opportunities. Young families will have different requirements from those with teenagers. Who’s moving with you has a major impact on your new neighbourhood and what you’ll need from your new home.

The Crown Relocations team says that it’s endeavouring to continue business as usual, taking all necessary steps to ensure staff are operating in a safe environment, and to protect customers and continue to provide high levels of service.

Find out more about Crown Relocations by clicking here, or call 2636 8399 for more information.

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