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A summer programme of school holiday fun

If you are planning to be in Hong Kong over the summer holidays, then you are probably considering a holiday camp to keep the kids entertained. Woodland Pre-School offers a wide range of activities in its summer programmes, as Senior Lead Teacher Holly Forbes explains.

Summer camps woodland preschool

Tell us about the Woodland Summer Programme.

Our themed Summer Programme is designed to provide learning opportunities for children in an all-day, all-fun programme. They will be encouraged to design their own projects, they are physically and mentally challenged, and they will have a chance to learn new skills. The schedule is flexible and offers enough independence, stimulation and fun to meet the needs of every child. We offer half-day and full-day options for parents to choose from to fit into their busy schedules. Each week is designed to follow a different theme, which is subsequently broken into daily focuses. These are fun things you can also do with your little ones this summer to support learning and keep them busy, even if you’re at home.

How do you make it fun for kids who have been in school all year?

The trick is to create an environment where the children are learning when they don’t think they are. How to accomplish that? Through play, of course! At Woodland, this is an area that we focus on wholeheartedly. Our activities are all play-based and exciting, and will engage children’s natural sense of exploration.

Why is creative play and playing with friends important?

Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. The possibilities are endless when you engage your imagination. Imaginative and creative play are how children and their friends learn about the world they live in. During imaginative play, friends can explore and manipulate materials, express themselves verbally and non-verbally, interact with each other and act different roles. Playing with friends can also build on their self-confidence skills, making them feel more comfortable in new settings.

Summer camps woodland preschool Summer camps woodland preschool

What about physical activity?

It’s no secret that sports can be quite beneficial for children. By playing sports, children can develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, have fun, learn to be a team member and learn about play fair; it can often improve self-esteem. We’ve designed a Summer Sports & Games Programme that will encourage children to develop new and familiar skills through fun and exciting physical activities.

A programme of play

Not only does each week of the Woodland Summer Programme feature a different theme, but each day of the week also has a particular focus, across a wide variety of activities for children to learn from and enjoy (which you can also do at home!):

Monday Drama & Music
Tuesday Science & Cooking
Wednesday Art & Crafts
Thursday Sensory & Messy Play
Friday Design & Construction

Woodland’s summer programmes will be offered at nine Woodland campuses for children aged from six months to six years. 2559 4855 |

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