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Popular Book Store Reads: 10 new books recommended by Dymocks Hong Kong

Summer is around the corner and you’ve got the itch for some good holiday reads. Hong Kong book store Dymocks keeps you active with these 10 good books for your pre-summer reading pleasure.

10 good books from Dymocks Hong Kong


Be Careful What You Wish For
by Jeffrey Archer
ISBN: 9780230748255
The fourth volume in the saga Harry Clifton and his family. The tale twists and turns with the machinations of devious businessmen intent on seizing control of – or ruining – the Barrington shipping business.

Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut
ISBN: 9780857897190
A novelisation of the formative years of EM Forster, as he travels to India and dives deep into its exoticism, and the germ of an idea forms for a great work of literature.


Great Wall Style
by Tessa Cheek, Jim Spears & Robert McLeod
ISBN: 9781864705638
Featuring contemporary home designs drawing on traditional Chinese architecture, this is a presentation of the work of Jim Spear, bringing the past to life with a fresh, modern, sustainable approach.


How Children Succeed
by Paul Tough
ISBN: 9780544104402
Paul Tough argues that parents should not see academic results as the be-all and end-all of children’s success, but that character, confidence and inner resilience are the real long-term keys to laying the foundations for getting ahead in life.


Wish You Happy Forever
by Jenny Bowen
ISBN: 9780062192004
Half the Sky founder Jenny Bowen shares the story of her mission to transform China’s orphanages from prisons of despair to havens of promise, and to bring love into the lives of the children who live there.

Until I Say Good-bye
by Susan Spencer-Wendel & Bret Witter
ISBN: 9780062241450
When Susan was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and learned that she had just one year to live, she did not succumb to depression, but decided to use her remaining days to live life to the full.

The World According to Bob
by James Bowen
ISBN: 9781444777550
Former street-dweller James Bowen has had his life turned around by Bob, a cat whose innate wisdom and compassion helped him to pick himself up. Here he shares what Bob has taught him about loyalty, trust and happiness.


by Mr Peng
ISBN: 9781848094345
70 recipes from the renowned Hunan restaurant in London run by the feisty Mr Peng, ranging from dumplings and wraps to melt-in-the-mouth double-cooked pork.

A Change of Appetite
by Diana Henry
ISBN: 9781845337841
When food writer Diana Henry decided to reduce the amount of meat in her diet and focus more on fish, vegetable and grain-based food, she looked to Scandinavia, the Middle East, and East Asia for inspiration. Here she collects her favourite discoveries.

I Quit Sugar
by Sarah Wilson
ISBN: 9781447264286
Sugar is the drug of choice of both adults and children, and it can be addictive and damaging. Among other things, it can be linked with skin problems, mood swings and disturbed sleep. Sarah Wilson explores the benefits of a sugar-free diet.

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