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Make the most of the water while living in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong presents plenty of opportunities for fun on the water – something that Fiona Siddall, owner of Monster Marine, knows only too well. We asked her about her one-stop shop for all things boating and sailing.

Monster Marine has a selection of tenders
Monster Marine has a selection of inflatable tenders

Tell us about your business.

Monster Marine was established in Hong Kong about three years ago as a stand-alone marine products distribution business; we distribute throughout Hong Kong and into other parts of Asia. Our objective is to identify quality marine products that are unique in some way and represent good value for money. We’re not driven by financial gain – we genuinely love what we do and the products we’re associated with!

What are some of your key products?

We supply Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) from about five metres to ten metres in length to order, and we also stock a range of inflatable tenders of about two to three metres. We’ve also just started importing foldable RIB tenders (called F-RIBs) that fold into three sections so they can be transported easily in a car and even stored at home. This means that an owner of a small yacht or power-boat can fit a relatively large tender on board without it taking up too much space. Home owners who fancy pottering about on the water at the weekend, but don’t belong to a yacht club or have storage facilities, can store an F-RIB at home. We also supply Rooster sailing gear, electric eco-friendly outboard engines, outboard engine covers and floating sunglasses.

How important is having the correct gear when it comes to ocean pursuits?

Because the environment – saltwater together with sun, rain and wind – is quite harsh, cheap marine products simply don’t last.

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