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Where modern design meets nature

Modern design and the natural environment can be symbiotic. In fact, Hong Kong surprises a lot of expats when they discover our epic skyline can almost be touched as you hike through country parks. Some of the most impressive architectural feats in the world are mere minutes away from our Hong Kong’s beautiful hiking trails.

Capturing this juxtaposition of modern city and the natural environment is an apartment complex called University Heights. Located on Kotewall Road in Mid-Levels West – so, the heart of Hong Kong Island – the complex offers spectacular views of Victoria Harbour. The well-appointed apartments feature highly innovative glass walls, Italian-designed kitchen and bathrooms, and Miele appliances. However, it’s the services on offer that really set it apart. We take a look at five of the key ones here – including some welcome surprises.

apartment hong kong
Hong Kong: where the city meets the country park

#1 Photocatalytic service before you move in

What is a photocatalytic service and why would I want one? We asked that exact question… and now we want one! Chinachem Prestige Management Services explains that the photocatalytic service offered to new tenants at University Heights is a process that zaps all kinds of nasty air pollutants off surfaces. These pollutants include substances like formaldehyde (HCOC) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be emitted from renovation materials and new furniture.

Levels of this type of indoor air pollution can be high after decoration and renovation works. Essentially, the photocatalytic service helps to detoxify the apartment before you move in. In a city where we’re already battling pollution outside, this is good news indeed.

#2 Ongoing air purification

While the one-off photocatalytic service is fantastic for kick-starting the air purification process, it’s also important to consider ongoing purification solutions if you’re going to be in Hong Kong for any length of time. Air purifiers are a significant financial investment, particularly if you’re looking at high-quality units. These are popular air purification solutions for expats, but they come at a price.

University Heights tenants are presented with the option of using air purification units provided by management. It’s a practical solution for those who aren’t sure how long they’ll be in Hong Kong and are unsure about the initial financial outlay of these machines.

University Heights
The sky doesn’t always look this clear and beautiful, thanks to the city’s air pollution.

#3 Apartments free from creepy-crawlies

It’s true that Hong Kong doesn’t have the super-scary creepy-crawlies of places like Australia, California, Chile or Brazil, but we do have cockroaches. They’re often there in abundance from day one. Eeek! Getting your apartment sprayed to manage any cockroach issues (seen or unseen) is a must.

At University Heights, the team take care of this before you move in. And you’ll be very glad of that. It might not be a glamorous service, but it’s really practical and thoughtful – and something that not many apartments offer.

rental apartment Hong Kong island
Not a bug in sight!

#4 Keeping fit and having fun

All these health-oriented service offerings go hand in hand with the residence’s physical facilities. You’ll find all of the usual things on offer in the city’s luxurious apartment complexes here. For example, there’s a clubhouse with a fitness room for working out and a children’s playroom for the kids. These indoor spaces are important, especially during Hong Kong’s very hot, humid and rainy summer months. For sunny days, there’s a lovely outdoor infinity pool and a barbecue party space to entertain in.

Also, for those with fur babies, you’ll be glad to hear that University Heights is a pet-friendly complex – the whole family is welcome!

#5 Smart, safe and secure

Hong Kong has long been renowned as a safe and friendly city, but it’s still important to choose a building with a professional security service. For most of us, this is less about the security and more about the service. These teams help keep us safe while providing essentials such as access for deliveries and remote contractors. Cool new tech is key at  University Heights. The complex has a Smart Control system that allows tenants to control their home devices from their mobiles, while also giving friends and visitors access to the building via QR code!

Does this apartment complex sounds like somewhere you might like to live? Contact the team at Chinachem Group University Heights.

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