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How to get super smooth skin

Laser can be a fast track to super smooth summer skin, but how does it work to deliver such impressive results? In a nutshell, a laser procedure involves shots of concentrated light being directed by a trained therapist at specific areas of skin. The process can help treat a range of skin concerns from hyperpigmentation to hair removal – even tattoo removal. Different laser treatments are applicable for different beauty concerns, too, which is why you need to see an expert. We asked the Bio Beauty team about some of the key considerations.

Laser treatments: what to consider

Cost: “Prices at our clinic start from HK$2,500 per session; this cost reduces when you book a package of five sessions or more.”

Commitment: “To see results, you’ll need between two and ten sessions, depending on the condition of your skin.”

Timing: “You should start to see results after the first session.” Suitability: “While all skin types are suitable for laser treatments, it’s recommended to wait if you’re pregnant.”

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Laser can help to…

  • minimise large pores;
  • fight wrinkles;
  • reduce scarring;
  • remove facial and body hair;
  • remove unwanted tattoos; and
  • sculpt and tighten face and neck skin.

Introducing … the QX MAX

The Fotona QX MAX is a special laser machine now available for treatments in Hong Kong. Because it generates larger spot sizes that can be effective on deeper lying pigmentation, the machine can deliver better results after a single session – plus, a reduced risk of unwanted side effects.

Interested in laser? Bio Beauty offers a free laser consultation. A trained beautician will assess your skin and specific beauty goals, then explain in detail which programme is most suitable for you. You’ll also be told how many sessions will be required to fix your particular skin problem.

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