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Hot stuff: ideas for men’s summer suits

Relaxed styles and light colours are dominating summer suits for men this season. Andy Mahtani, managing and creative director of Hong Kong tailoring stalwart Maxwell’s Clothiers, gives us the inside scoop on what’s hot in 2017.

summer suits: Relaxed styles are a hallmark of men's summer suits in 2017
Relaxed styles are a hallmark of men’s summer suits in 2017

Andy Mahtani has been with Maxwell’s for more than 26 years, so it’s no exaggeration to say he’s an authority on men’s fashion. And when he says there’s been a significant shift in men’s styles this season, you know he’s be on the money!

Andy says summer suits this Spring/Summer have seen a move towards more relaxed tailoring. “Men’s tailored clothing is moving from the very fitted slim silhouettes of the past year or so to a more relaxed feel this year,” he says. “Jackets will still maintain a nice tailored shape on the body, but the cuts will ease ever so slightly to allow for more movement. The cut of the pants will also be relaxed slightly and cease to follow the skinny look of last year, and we may even see the re-introduction of a pleat by many menswear brands.”

When it comes to colour, the big news for summer suits is that pastels are shaking up the scene, and even striking greens, as evidenced by male celebrities walking red carpets in emerald tuxedos. “2016 was a dark year for many, so to lighten up the mood, a more relaxed fit and brighter colours are necessary,” he says.

So, how should you refresh your wardrobe for the new season? Andy says, “For 2017, men should introduce some lighter colours, even perhaps invest in an off-white, light beige or feather-grey suit if the pastels are too ‘high fashion’ for the workplace. Also, men should add half a dozen or so white or light-coloured shirts to their wardrobes to complement the lighter colour suits. The trend-setters among you might look at adding some funky pattern suits.”

As for other upcoming trends in men’s styling, Andy has one last bold prediction: “Facial hair may start to lose its charm!”

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