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Resolved to give your interiors a fresh look this year and looking for some inspiration? We share tips from some of the city’s leading interior design and home décor brands on new trends, classic styles and easy updates. From colours and cushions to fabrics and furnishings, here are some interesting ways to change-up your home this year.


New design trends for 2019

Specific trends emerge each year, like 1970s glam or Art Deco style. These look fabulous in magazines and movies, but most people don’t want to live in a film set. For me, it’s more about the key overarching trends that impact across multiple styles over time rather than slavishly following a new look. Sustainability is gathering ground, with the sense that it’s preferable to incorporate and build on quality pieces you have, rather than start over; I’m all for that.

Key trends this year are around colour (a huge trend!), texture and mixing styles. There’s a move away from uniformity; so, look at layering colours, materials, textures and metals, or adding an unusual piece to personalise your space. Raw and refined can sit side by side, for example.

Emma pillows

In uncertain times, people look for nurturing and comfort, hence warmer neutrals like sand, oatmeal and clay. Layers of one colour can look fresh; powder pink to soft coral and terracotta or burgundy, for example. Spiced honey and turmeric yellow are also coming through, and green is still very strong, of course, with its natural references.

There’s a trend for authentic materials such as bamboo, rattan, cork and terracotta. On the shape radar, curves are in; think rounded, curved and scalloped upholstery pieces.

As for patterns, one area that has evolved from done-to-death geometrics are the tribal- and ethnic-inspired patterns that started on clutch bags and jewellery. These are moving into soft furnishings and décor, and their hand-crafted, imperfect shapes exude a connection with nature and real humans that we’re craving in this increasingly digital world.

Classic trends that are here to stay

Blue and white is a classic, and can be interpreted many ways in Hong Kong homes: the smart Hamptons look; a laid-back washed-linen beach vibe; or chinoiserie chic.

Greenery is going nowhere, and there’s more diversity coming through as people feel comfortable to experiment. The range of planters now is super exciting, from solid blocks of powder-coated metal to handcrafted basket weaves.

Neutrals will always have a following – they’re super elegant and calming. This year, it’s about making sure the colour palette is warmer and adding in those all-important textures. Brass will stay, too, but mixed with other metal finishes, most excitingly chrome or matt black.

Adding interest to an interior

For cushions, think using solid colours in a family rather than contrasting – so maroon, coral and dusky pink all together; or, go natural with textured weaves, fringes, tassels and handcrafted patterns. A strongly shaped vase can also make an impact, even styled just with leaves. And, back to the contrasting with texture, think a cement coffee table with a velvet sofa or a patterned woven basket next to a chrome 70s lounge chair.



New design trends for 2019

Wall coverings and fabrics with a natural element are gaining in popularity – materials such as bark, abaca and salago fibre, for example – thanks to an increased global desire to be more in touch with nature. Colourful interiors are a major ongoing trend; popular colours include jewel tones of emerald greens, ruby reds and sapphire blues. Warm shades are also making a comeback. This year is all about prints, too, such as abstracts, florals and geometric motifs. Designers are having fun playing with and combining these patterns in their schemes.


Classic trends that are here to stay

Florals and geometrics are a perennial classic. A little goes a long way!

Adding interest to an interior

Soft furnishings are an instant and easy way to add interest. Cushions, throws, headboards, runners… the possibilities are endless! Have fun injecting your space with pops of colour, textural interest and pattern.


Kate Babington | TREE

New design trends for 2019

Black is the new black! From stained solid wood furniture to metal detailing with a matt finish, this dark and daring hue will add drama to any setting. We love to pair it with the light, creamy tones of sustainably sourced solid oak for a striking contrast of neutrals. The sustainability trend is also on the rise – people want to invest in a brand, what it stands for, and how it gives back to our communities or the environment.

Tree Lamp

Classic trends that are here to stay

Wabi sabi emerged last year and is certainly here to stay. This Japanese philosophy and aesthetic refers to the simple and unmaterialistic, and embraces all things imperfect and impermanent – reclaimed wood is a natural, grounding material that perfectly reflects this trend.

TREE Cushions

Adding interest to an interior

Finishing touches like textiles and soft furnishings can be easily swapped out to match seasonal trends while adding plenty of textural interest. Consider painting one side of your space with a bold new hue. Also, hanging lamps can add interest at new heights, and instantly brighten up your space (and mood!).


Michelle Koller | TEQUILA KOLA

New design trends for 2019

Pantone’s colour of the year is “Living Coral”, so it’s no surprise that all shades of coral are showing up throughout the interior design industry – from wall paint to sofa fabrics, cushions and accessories. Art Deco influences in furniture have been appearing more frequently too, from rounded shapes to gold detailing. Another design trend right now is the use of natural textiles, which work well across all interior styles – think organic cotton velvets and natural linens. 

Tequila kola pink living room

Classic trends that are here to stay

The use of metallics and black.

Adding interest to an interior

Artwork, cushions and rugs can add instant pizzazz to any room.



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