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10 new and notable books to read

If there’s one thing we all need in Hong Kong – it’s a good book to escape the hectic life we all lead here! So, to save you trawling the shelves of your local bookshop, we’ve rounded up 10 new and notable books to snuggle up with, recommended by the team at Bookazine.

Fiction books

City of Girls | Elizabeth Gilbert

In 1940, 19-year-old Vivian Morris is sent to Manhattan to live with her Aunt Peg, who owns a flamboyant, crumbling theatre called the Lily Playhouse. When a mistake results in a professional scandal, it turns Vivian’s whole life upside down.

City of girls Elizabeth Gilbert

The Porpoise | Mark Haddon

When a newborn baby is the sole survivor of a plane crash, her overprotective father raises her in wealthy isolation. A suitor arrives one day, understanding more than he should. Forced to run for his life, he escapes aboard The Porpoise, with an assassin on his tail.

The Porpoise

Sweet Sorrow | David Nicholls

One life-changing summer, 16-year-old Charlie Lewis meets Fran Fisher. Sweet Sorrow is a celebration of the reviving power of friendship and the blinding explosion of first love.

One life changing summer


The Montessori Toddler | Simone Davies; illustrated by Hiyoko Imai

It’s time to change the way we see toddlers. Using principles developed by educator Dr Maria Montessori, this book demonstrates how to turn life with a “terrible two” into a rich and rewarding time of curiosity, learning, respect and discovery.

The montessori toddler

Upheaval | Jared Diamond

Countries all over the world have faced catastrophes and survived. In this new book, legendary scientist Diamond (author of the Pulitzer-winning Guns, Germs and Steel) examines how those countries recovered from their upheavals and how we can learn from them.

Jared diamond


Kid’s books

Four Tales | Philip Pullman

Four Tales brings together four of Philip Pullman’s classic tales. Find out about the girl trying to become a firework maker, the boy who claims he was a rat, a bolt of lightning that brings a scarecrow to life and an inventor who some say is the devil.

Four tales

Evie and the Animals | Matt Haig

Ten-year-old Evie can talk to animals and hear their thoughts. One day, she sets Kahlo the rabbit free from her cage, but it gets her into trouble. Dad and granny say she must never use her talent again. A year later, pets on her street start disappearing, and Evie is determined to find them.

Evie and the animals

Summer Adventure Stories | Enid Blyton

The brilliant follow-up to The World’s Worst Children features a new gang of hilariously horrible kids, illustrated in glorious full colour. The beastly boys and gruesome girls are even ruder and more disgusting than you could ever imagine!

Summer adventure stories

Young adults

Somewhere Only We Know | Maurene Goo

Lucky is the biggest K-pop star at the moment. She’s about to debut in America – hopefully her breakout performance. One night, she’s craving a hamburger and on the way to find one runs into Jack, a tabloid reporter. Sparks fly and nothing will ever be the same.

Somewhere only we know

Ghosts of the Shadow Market | Cassandra Clare

The Shadow Market is a meeting point for Downworlders who buy and sell magical objects, make dark bargains and whisper secrets they don’t want the Nephilim to know. However, there has been another consistent visitor to the market: Silent Brother, Brother Zachariah.

Ghosts of the shadow markets

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