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The ultimate kids’ sleepover party

If you’re looking for the ultimate sleepover kids’ party, you need to check out The Tepee Tribe. LORNE and RACHEL ALI, the couple behind The Tepee Tribe, specialise in creating some of the most Insta-worthy sleepover parties for children we’ve ever seen. We caught up with them to hear about how this picture-perfect children’s birthday party business started.

What inspired you to start this children’s birthday party business?

Two years ago, our eldest daughter Jasmine wanted a special sleepover with her friends for her thirteenth birthday and she’d seen some tepees on Instagram. We decided to purchase some and create a theme to go with them. Her party was such a success that it became this business!

What’s the toughest part about running The Tepee Tribe?

We’re always conscious of being trusted to deliver an amazing party. We want our parties to look even better in real life than they do in the photographs – this means making sure all equipment is in perfect condition.

The sheer scale of some of the parties can be huge. There are over 100 items that need to be packed, transported and assembled, and then collected after the event. We can have several parties over a weekend, so the logistics and planning can be tough part.

Where do you get your creative inspiration?

We both love to travel and often pick up pieces that we can use in our themes. We have beautiful printed fabrics, patchwork quilts, bamboo lanterns and lights from Vietnam and Thailand, and colourful fabrics from Zambia. Our storeroom is an Aladdin’s cave!

What’s next for The Tepee Tribe?

We are always adding children’s birthday party themes, including looking to add more themes that might appeal to boys. Our ten-year-old son Felix is tasked to help us come up with some new ideas.

What’s your number one piece of advice to those dreaming of starting a business in HK?

Do something special that no one else is already doing. When you have an idea, brainstorm and plan how you want it to look. Talk to critical friends and don’t rush your ideas; ask lots of questions.

What are the must-have elements for party success?

Having a themed party is a great way to set the scene and it helps create a memorable atmosphere. Get your child involved in the planning and keep the number of guests at a comfortable level – especially for sleepovers; sometimes, less is more. Also, be super flexible and go with the flow.

Where do you escape to on weekends?

We live in a small village near the beach in Mui Wo. There are great walks and beautiful beaches nearby, so we can often be found by the sea or hiking one of the trails.

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