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Cashmere for the cooler weather

Time to envelope yourself in something soft and warm! NUAN is the label of Irish-born designer Caoimhe Ryan, and it offers unique, 100 percent pure cashmere products, including undyed and unbleached “eco cashmere” yarn (cashmere in its raw colour). Cashmere is eight times warmer than standard sheep’s wool and a third lighter, as well as being stylish and environmentally friendly. NUAN’s signature Coco Collection has designs that marry intrecciato, or basket-woven knit, with accent fringing. It’s common for customers to end up owning a range of colours and pieces, because they love the style and versatility. Caoimhe says she believes in the notions of “slow fashion” and “investment dressing”: in short, purchasing less clothing, but choosing high-quality items made with great care that can be worn for years. Another core aspect of the brand’s ethos is that we all should give back, so NUAN regularly supports charities such as Watchdog (HK) and Sanctuary for Families (NYC).

For Women

Poncho Hoodie NUAN

1. Poncho Hoodie, $1,050

NUAN Coco coat

2. Coco Coat from the NUAN Signature Collection, $1,200

NUAN Eco Round Neck Poncho

3. Eco Round Neck Poncho, $565, worn with Coco Infinity Scarf, $428

NUAN Twin Ribbed Duster

4. Twin Ribbed Duster Set, $775, and Tank, $295

NUAN Luxury Robe

5. Luxury Robe, $1,070

For Men

NUAN Lightweight Crew Sweater

1. Double Sided Scarf, $370, worn with Baby Cashmere Crew Sweater, $445

NUAN Men's luxury cashmere kimono robe

2. Men’s Luxury Cashmere Kimono Robe, $1,070

NUAN Luxury Reversible Hoodie

3. Luxury Reversible Hoodie, $850

NUAN Honeycomb Knit Sweater

4. Button-down Honeycomb Knit Sweater, $575


NUAN Accented Men's Sweater

5. Coco Accented Men’s Sweater $720

All prices in US$

NUAN has retail outlets in the US and Australia, and products can be purchased online at

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