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Carpets and rugs for small spaces

By: Melissa Stevens

When you first move to Hong Kong, adjustments need to be made in many ways – and a key one is adapting to the size of a typical home, and getting used to small apartments. So, where do you start when decorating your interiors if you want to add some new pieces or inject a bit of colour into compact living quarters? Rugs and carpets are excellent ways to add some personality into a home, especially if you’re renting and can’t make long-term changes.

image of young couple with carpets in a small apartment

Heena Mir is a consultant for CarpetBuyer and has years of experience helping people through the process of choosing the right piece for their home. She says that while it may seem challenging to find the right furniture and carpets to make a home feel warm and comfy when space is limited, there are plenty of options.“It’s normal nowadays to hear of apartment sizes dwindling down to a couple of hundred square feet,” says Heena. “We deal in many carpet sizes and have not had any problems catering to the newer generation of starter homes.”

CarpetBuyer stocks more than 5,000 carpets, from antique pieces from Iran to contemporary designer rugs. “Our carpets come in all sizes, colours and styles and are also good for absorbing sound, which in smaller flats can be beneficial as it can bounce off the wall and into other rooms,” Heena says. “We have carpets in sizes from 60cm by 90cm and up.”

Top tips

Heena also has some useful tips for when you’re shopping for a carpet that will ensure any piece works well in your home. “One of the things to always keep in mind when choosing a carpet is the size of the sofa, and the length and depth of the room,” she says. “Once we have that, we’re able to select pieces that are either modern or traditional that will suit the room and not make it crowded. Having a carpet that’s the right size can amplify the room’s size and make it look bigger. Then you can either cover the whole area or just from the edge of the sofa and frame the room with a bit of floor showing, so it looks like ‘more for less’.”

Heena says that one of the store’s most popular items is its “soft shaggies”, which are plain rugs that come in a huge range of sizes and colours. Another consideration is the material your carpet is made of – the right material can mean minimal cleaning is required, which is also practical in a small home.

“There’s no upkeep necessary with hand-made carpets, such as those made of natural wool, silk or bamboo fibres or with natural dyes, unlike carpets made from nylon or acrylic materials,” Heena says. “They have the added bonus of being non-allergenic. Simply vacuum as needed and wash every few years – it’s as simple as that!”

CarpetBuyer is at Unit 2604-07, 26/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau. 2850 5508 |

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