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Where to buy a mattress online

You’ve probably seen them on Facebook or Instagram – next-generation mattresses that are delivered to your door in a box. It’s almost as if they’re made for Hong Kong. They’re a perfect solution when buying a mattress for any move, but particularly when it’s into a high-rise apartment with tiny lifts!

Hong Kong housing

Ask any expat and they’ll share a horror story of new furniture or a favourite piece bought from home that hasn’t made it past the lobby – it was too big to get into the lift. When it comes to buying a mattress in Hong Kong, this isn’t a problem anymore. Some modern mattresses offer a whole new experience – they’re delivered to your door in a more compact format.

Online trend: Mattress-In-a-Box

In Hong Kong, the modern way to buy a mattress is via an online purchase. There’s been a significant rise in this type of purchase, according to the team at Emma Mattress. So, if the idea of buying a mattress online feels counter-intuitive to you, read on! These days, there’s no need to spend time lying on mattresses in a department store – which means no more hovering sales people while you work out what mattress you like.

An Emma mattress comes in a handy box – perfect when buying a mattress in Hong Kong

A cleaner sleep

Hong Kong presents another unique challenge when it comes to bedding and buying a mattress: our hot nights mean sweaty sleep for those of us that don’t like to sleep in the air-conditioning. We also don’t have the space to air our mattresses like we would back home. This means we need to protect our mattresses and choose an option that allows for easy cleaning.

Clean mattresses are especially relevant when kids are small. One Emma mattress customer shares her story:  “I’m a new mum, and it’s hard work. My friends and I are always talking about our kids, and how we miss sleep! I have an Emma mattress, and it’s made a big difference. I fall asleep faster and my back and shoulders feel great. The Emma has a removable cover that has made life so much easier. It’s easy to clean… let me tell you, when you have a baby, there are lots of spills and accidents, so get ready!”

Made for Hong Kong

Here are a few more reasons why the Emma Original mattress works for Hong Kong homes:

  • It breathes. The special foam and climate-regulating top cover allow air to flow through the mattress, allowing you to stay cool at night – perfect for Hong Kong!
  • It’s a natural remedy against allergens. The Purotex technology of the Emma mattress is especially useful for people who suffer from House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA). This means one less allergen to fight in Hong Kong’s polluted environment.
  • It provides a calm sleeping experience, even if your bedmate is a restless sleeper. Our small spaces can mean no more King-sized beds. This is devastating news for anyone who shares a bed with an active sleeper. Emma’s 3cm thick Airgocell foam provides exceptional point-elasticity, allowing one area to be compressed without affecting the rest of the mattress. This means the restless sleeper can move the whole night and their partner won’t feel a thing!
Emma mattresses have a special climate fibre that regulates humidity

Award-winning German quality

Every Emma mattress sold and delivered within Hong Kong is produced in Germany to German standards, which ensures each one is the highest quality. This is one reason why, despite Emma only launching four years ago, the product has proven extremely popular, selling more than 500,000 mattresses within Europe and winning numerous best mattress and product of the year awards. These accolades include awards given by Which? consumer association (UK) in 2018, The Independent (UK) in 2019, Élu Produit de l’Année (France) in 2019, and others.

Whether you’re an expat missing home or you’re just dreaming of a great night’s sleep without the excessive price tag, Emma is a great option to explore. To learn more about Emma mattresses, head to emma-mattress.hk.

Risk-free purchase: A 100-night sleep trial

Does the thought of buying a mattress online worry you? Don’t let it! Not only is it extremely convenient, it’s also risk-free. You can now order an Emma mattress online and have it delivered to your door for a 100-day trial. That’s more than three months to work out if you’ve chosen the right product. As the team says, it’s not possible to know if a mattress is best for you after testing it for only 10 minutes. You should be able to test a mattress risk-free at home. And, with Emma, there’s no return charge.

Bonus discount for Expat Living readers

Expat Living readers can enjoy a 10% discount on top of Emma’s website discount. Use the code EXPLIV19.

100 nights of pillow fights to decide if you’ve made the right choice

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