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Books in Hong Kong: Brilliant reads in February 2014

From novels to cook books, it’s our top picks of the month.


Plague and Cholera

Patrick Deville

A retelling of the life of physician and adventurer, Alexandre Yersin. In 1894 in Hong Kong, he discovered the pathogen that causes bubonic plague, and in Indochina he set up a medical school, introducing quinine from South America to combat malaria.


Anthony Grey

Inspired by the life of Alfred Bossahardt, a missionary in China who was forced to join Long March, and his own incarceration as a journalist during the Cultural Revolution, this is a story of 1930s China, of faith, and of the horrors of civil war.

Red Bird Summer

Jan Pearson

Murder, intrigue and double-crossing in Hong Kong, as two old friends are reunited in a quest to get to the bottom of the mystery of an artefact stolen from one of the city’s museums.

The Rosie Project

Graeme Simsion

The quirky story of socially-challenged Don, who devises a scientific test to find his perfect match. But then along comes Rosie, who seems to fail all aspects of the test, but whom he finds strangely beguiling.

The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon

Alexander McCall Smith

Mma Ramotswe returns with a tangle of problems to deal with, from the case of a smear campaign directed against a local beauty parlour, to the fallout over a local dignitary’s will, and a vicious cobra.



The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure

Dave Myers & Si King

TV chefs Dave Myers and Si King took a road trip through Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Korea, collecting recipes along the way that are tasty, simple and healthy. Look out for the television show coming soon.

French Women Don’t Get Facelifts

Mireille Guiliano

This new release explains how to age gracefully the French way, with tips on skincare, fashion, relationships and lifestyle choices. Step one: avoid Botox – and be a model of elegance!

Feed Your Child Right

Lynn Alexander & Yeong Boon Yee

With specific advice for parents of Asian children, based on regional food and culture, this is a guide for newborns and infants, and also including adaptations of family dishes that will be healthy for, and appeal to children.



The Complete 2-Day Fasting Diet

Jacqueline Whitehart

The 2-Day fasting diet took the slimming world by storm last year. If you’re an avid follower of the regime, this is a complete guide including recipes for continued successful weight loss, and enjoying, nourishing meals.

5lbs in 5 Days

Jason Vale

The man known as the The Juice Master, who has guided the diets of celebrities and athletes, presents the culmination of his research into the benefits of a juice diet, to create a program that kick starts weight loss, and boosts energy.


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