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Boarding schools in Asia and Australia

Choosing a boarding school for your child is a big decision, especially if you are considering another country. Finding a school that suits your child and where you feel confident that they are in good hands is paramount. We take a look at some options in Australia and Southeast Asia – all a direct flight away from Hong Kong.

Newington College

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

A word from the school …

Boys who board at Newington College become part of a close-knit family of just 50 students across Years 9 to 12. Structured study and activities are balanced with fun to create an environment where young men flourish. Year 11 and 12 boys study either the International Baccalaureate or the NSW Higher School Certificate.

Newington College

Boarders at Newington are diverse, coming from overseas, regional Australia and greater Sydney. They enjoy single or twin rooms with ensuites, along with common areas where they can relax with friends. Weekend activities might include movie nights, beach trips or rock climbing. Experienced boarding staff who live at the boarding house enhance the feeling of a ‘home away from home’. Their families are part of boarding life. All boarding staff are experienced educators who teach at the senior campus and are on hand to help boarders with their studies or any challenges they might be experiencing.

Located in a quiet street, the boarding house is just a few minutes’ walk from the leafy Newington campus with its modern classrooms, ovals, rehearsal rooms, library, pool and gym. Both the International Airport and Sydney CBD are just 5km away.

Boarding opportunities are available for 2020.

Cranbrook School

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

A word from the school …

Picking a boarding school for your son is a big decision, especially if you’re considering another country or another city for their education. Feeling confident that you’re sending him to live in a nurturing environment is crucial.


Designed as a place where your boy can work, learn, grow, have fun and make life-long friendships, Cranbrook is as supportive as any home environment. Our Boarding Housemasters and resident tutors are members of the teaching staff, monitor the boy’s wellbeing in the classroom and in the Boarding House, support them 24/7 and form strong relationships with the boys and their parents.

There’s a balanced mix of boys from Sydney, rural Australia and overseas. Our Boarding Housemasters live on site and have families of their own providing powerful pastoral support.

Cranbrook Boarding School

A word from a boarding student …

Name: Tully O’Regan
From: Hunter Valley, Australia

The Housemasters and tutors are like your parents. It’s personalised and you have a great relationship. They help you so much, keep you safe and take pride in raising you. I wouldn’t be who I am if I hadn’t come to Cranbrook to board, and I’m keen to see where in life it takes me.

St Peters Lutheran College

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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St Peters has a proud boarding tradition – one that opens the door to a vast range of educational, social, sporting, cultural and co-curricular opportunities. Established in 1945 with an initial cohort of 56 founding boarding students, St Peters has been a co-educational home-away-from-home for students from all around the world. The College is a place where the whole family can stay together, and where each student is given the care and support they need throughout their schooling years.

St Peters

Today, St Peters houses over 150 boarding students, from Years 7 to 12. These students learn independence, organisation and develop a strong sense of self-belief.


Location: Singapore

A word from the school …

The UWCSEA boarding experience is a culturally rich one, with over 50 different nationalities represented in the boarding community, and over 90 in the school as a whole. This provides students with insights into many different cultures and encourages a deeper appreciation of their own.

Boarding prepares our young people for university life and beyond, equipping them with the confidence, independence and social skills they need to be successful. We foster the qualities students need to become principled, proactive contributors to the world.


The self-contained nature of Singapore, with its extensive transport systems and secure environment makes it easy for our boarders to explore the island. Boarders at UWCSEA are given meaningful independence in a safe urban environment in a programme that supports them to develop this important skill in a way few other schools can offer. Many schools concentrate on the development of an individual student’s self- management and emotional resilience, but cannot provide opportunities to test those skills in the ‘outside’ world.

UWCSEA offers residential boarding on both campuses – Dover and East – and is currently accepting applications for August 2019 entry. Boarding is available for students aged 14 and above, with entry points available in Grades 8, 9, 10 and 11.


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