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A perfect gift for Hong Kong kids!

There’s an endless list of new things to discover in Hong Kong, particularly for families who have relocated from abroad. It’s also an intriguing place for our family members and friends back home to learn about. At the same time, a new city is sometimes a lot for little ones (and their parents) to take in. All those sights, sounds and smells can be overwhelming. When dealing with new experiences, parents often turn to picture books to help their children adjust. Luckily for expats new to Hong Kong, artist and author LORETTE ROBERTS has created a beautiful series of children’s books about your new home town.

About My Hong Kong ABC Activity Book

Lorette’s My Hong Kong ABC Activity Book is full of bright Hong Kong-themed images that are perfect for introducing the city to pre-schoolers. “S” is not for “spider”, it turns out; it’s for Star Ferry and Sampan, two of the Fragrant Harbour’s iconic waterways images!

“On one page, I have several images beginning with the letter, many of them familiar Hong Kong objects,” says Lorette. “The opposite page has an activity to encourage hand-eye coordination, observation and the use of a pencil – it can be used as a talking tool for the child and family.”

Lorette’s Inspiration

To create the books, Lorette worked with several primary and pre-school teachers. She also had expert help from Dr Amelia Roberts, Deputy Director for the UCL Centre for Inclusive Education.

Talking about her inspiration for the project, Lorette says, “I’ve often thought that ABC books should offer more to kids aged between two and five years. It amazes me what children of that age pick up and retain. They love long words too, so I haven’t shied away from some unusual ones!”

You can see Lorette’s full range of publications at her website, loretteroberts.com.


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