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Your Post Pregnancy Body: Healing at Home

By: Brooke Chenoweth

When it comes to finally given birth, suddenly all the care you have been giving yourself for the last nine months is given straight to you baby, and you forget about looking after yourself. Our Hong Kong News & Features Editor, Brooke, tells us about her experience with “slimum” treatment.




When my first son was born, I was shocked on so many levels. I hurt everywhere, I was fatigued beyond comprehension, and after nine months of love and concern and attention from my family and doctors, suddenly the focus was solely on my new baby. At a time when I needed the most support, I had very little to help me recover – it was a physical and emotional low point.

I’m not alone, either; many new mums have experienced this same sensation. It was for this reason that Karen Loke, herself a mother of three, started her practice Restoring Mums four years ago, specifically to meet the needs of mothers in the first few months after giving birth.

Karen trained in traditional Malay and Indonesian massage and postnatal care after giving up her career as an engineer. To enhance what she’d learned, she undertook a number of recognised qualifications in Australia, the US and Taiwan; she’s a certified practitioner in Maya Abdominal massage, for instance, and in Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage, and she holds a Diploma in Holistic Massage.


Karen Loke
Karen Loke

It’s this combination of formal anatomical knowledge, and traditional healing practices that make up the services that are offered at Restoring Mums.

Among these services is the “slimum” treatment, which Karen developed to offer to clients in their own homes, so they don’t need to worry about leaving the baby or travelling so soon after birth. Before commencing a treatment, Karen personally visits the mother to discuss individual needs; as she says, “the wellbeing of the mum is just as important as that of the baby.”

Indeed, at a time when almost everyone is focused on the baby, Karen says most mums really relish the opportunity to take a bit of time out for themselves.


About the sessions

There are three different “slimum” packages available, depending on your needs; the basic package offers a tummy-specific series of treatments including the following:

  • A tummy mask using all-natural ingredients; this soothes and helps reduce stretch marks, the linea negra and discomfort from trapped wind.
  • A traditional Jamu massage to reduce bloating, increase circulation, encourage fat-burning, and support the womb and internal organs. This massage uses 100 percent essential oils custom-blended for your condition. Karen focuses on pampering and relaxing the body, with techniques that ease the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, delivery and caring for a newborn.
  • A fresh ginger compress, which helps to increase circulation and promote healing.
  • An abdominal massage to realign the internal organs and uterus, and increase blood flow and break down fat deposits.
  • Another herbal mask, applied using a centuries-old remedy for a flatter tummy.
  • Abdominal binding. This practice dates back hundreds of years, and takes advantage of the body’s relaxed ligaments. Karen’s training in anatomy comes into play here as she combines traditional techniques with the understanding of a woman’s body to protect the womb and realign the hips, pelvis and belly, restoring them to their natural position. Ideally, binding should be done within three months of giving birth, and Karen recommends 10 consecutive daily sessions, of six to eight hours of continuous wear.



The treatments offered by Karen and her team are not just about getting your figure back, but about restoring balance and wellness – something that will surely benefit all mums and their babies in the long run.


Restoring Mums is at Room 802, OfficePlus @ Sheung Wan, 93-103 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan. |