Your guide to the Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 Fall Edition

Have you ever wanted to be an art collector? Or, are you looking to buy a striking artwork for your home or your office? Choosing the perfect piece can be a daunting task, but The Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 is a great place to start. This year, the show has a focus on younger collectors and making contemporary art approachable.

Will you be there this year?
Will you be there this year?


The longest running art fair in Hong Kong features over 80 exhibitors from five continents, including some of the brightest young artists from all over the globe, including Hong Kong, Asia, Australia, North and South America, with a particularly strong line-up from the Greater China region.

Visitors can view around 2,500 artworks including original paintings, limited additions, photography and sculpture. There’s a chance to discover the next Warhol or Banksy with many of the artists exhibiting for the first time at the show and new to the Asian art scene.

The shows venue is  The Conrad Hotel, who will display the artworks over four floors in rooms featuring stunning views of HK’s dramatic mountain scenery. Viewing the artwork in a more natural setting (instead of a stark white gallery wall) is a fantastic way of seeing how it will look in your own home or office space.

Here’s our sneak peak of the top eight noteworthy artists from the show to look out for this year…


DU XI, CHINA – Beijing Central Art Gallery, Room 4307

Du Xi (b.1980, Yunnan) had a childhood full of inspirations, from his grandfather’s historical tales and a passion for reading comic books. He explores themes such as faith, loyalty and love.
LEE YOUNG-HA, SOUTH KOREA – Khalifa Gallery, Room 4308

Lee Young-Ha’s (b.1968) Paintings have a split personality; it all depends on where you’re standing. The effects of Lee’s techniques are overlapping images that shift and change depending on your vantage point.



Zen Series #16
Zen Series #16


PANG YONGJIE, CHINA – Fabrik Gallery Room 4315

Pang Yongjie (b.1968) is one of the leading artists of the Chinese Post Contemporary Abstract Art Movement. His body of work draws on the aesthetic of mid-eighth century Tang dynasty.


Hong Kong Taxi
Hong Kong Taxi


MITCHELL SCHORR, USA – Macey and sons Auctioneers and valuers ltd, Room 4026, 4226

Mitchell Schorr (b.1972, New York) is a world recognised urban mural painter. In 2015, Schorr created the “Da Race to the East” in Hong Kong, where he incorporated the local HK taxi. The ‘Da Race’ mural series, which began in New York City, pits a variety of racing cars against a New York City ice cream truck, all exchanging leads, falling behind and catching up again as the race moves from location to location. The ice cream truck is a symbol of the joy and innocence invoked in early childhood.


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016
Migration I


CLAUDIA FERRARI, ARGENTINA – BA Contemporary Art, Room 4205

Claudia Ferrari (b.1961, Argentina) sees art as an essential part of her life. While pursuing language studies in Paris, Ferrari was drawn to the local art scene, immersing herself in the colours and styles of the Parisian art world.





Lau Chin Hung was raised in Hong Kong. He received a scholarship to study Fine Arts in France in 1977, graduating from l’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, in 1982. Lau Chin Hung reflects a surreal spirituality in his work.


Girl with Skull
Girl with Skull



Mertim Goklap (b.1981, Istanbul) is a contemporary portrait artist who incorporates traditional figurative art with reflections of the inner conflicts of the psyche.


DOAN XUAN TANG, VIETNAM – Vin Gallery, Room 4320

Doan Xuan Tang (b.1977, Niam Dinh) is drawn to the romanticism and mystery of the Vietnamese highlands. His works are held in many private collections throughout the world.


TIP! To decide on a piece of art, make sure you do your homework and arrive prepared. Here are a few tips before buying…

-What is the background of the artist and how has his/her work evolved?

-Does the artist communicate their thoughts through the piece well?

-Is there previous experience in exhibiting?

-Do your due diligence on the artist, reading reviews can be helpful

-Can the artwork be re-sold to a secondary market?

Opening Hours

 September 16 – 18, 2016

Friday ART night (by invitation only or ticket)

Friday September 16, 5pm-9pm

General admission

Friday September 16, 1pm – 5pm

Saturday September 17, 1pm – 8pm

Sunday September 18, 11am – 6pm

Free admission for children under 16, accompanied by an adult.

Buy tickets at www.asiacontemporaryart.com/tickets

The Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 | Conrad Hotel Hong Kong, 40-43 floors