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How to work from home better!

For most of us, this is the first time we have had to work from home in Hong Kong – or at least for this long. Let us help you rev things up a bit with these cool office products that will make working from home a breeze!

(Note: Products featured are shipped to Hong Kong by Amazon Singapore.)

Handy laptop stand

Give your neck a break and have this stand do the hard work instead. It’s compact, portable and compatible with most devices.

Fancy ergonomic office chair

The dining room chair can only be comfy for so long – upgrade to this high-back, adjustable chair and get it delivered straight to your door!

USB ring light 

If you hadn’t heard of Zoom before this, We’re sure you have now! Make yourself look your best during your work calls with this fab light.

Fun desktop entertainment

To make working a little more fun, how about adding one of these hilarious desktop classics? There’s a tetherball set for smashing a small ball around a pole; Mini Twister, which is a version of the famous game using fingers instead; or, if you really miss the gym, try this finger weightlifting kit!

Gel-enhanced seat cushion

You’re likely spending much more time at your home desk than ever before – right? So you need to make sure you’re seated comfortably. This orthopaedic cushion made of memory foam and gel is just the ticket.

Foot rest and massager

Whether it’s that your feet don’t quite touch the ground or you just love a massage, this gadget will add an extra touch of luxury.


Healthy sit-stand computer workstation

We all know it’s not good to be sitting all day, so switch things up with an adaptable desk that allows you to swtich to standing too.

Back support cushion

Bye bye, back pain! This high-grade memory-foam cushion will offer all the support you need for your lumbar.

To Be Calm reed diffuser

Have your home office smelling wonderful with this Presence diffuser from To Be Calm.


Desktop punching bag

Co-workers driving you nuts during your conference calls? Take it out on this punching bag. (It’s a good thing they won’t be able to see it!)

Desk organiser

Get your space nice and tidy with this organiser, which will have your keys, coins and gizmos neatly sorted in no time.

Decision-making paper weight

Not a big fan of making tough decisions? Sweat not! This will do it for you and keep all your papers in place.


Cooling clock-and-fan combo

It’s been particularly hot recently – even for Singapore – but this fan will keep you nice and cool (and punctual!).


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