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Winter’s coming! Time to invest in the perfect sofa for cozy nights

Sofas are much more than a place to perch our derrières while we catch up with the latest episode of a favourite TV show. As a focal point within one of the key rooms in the house, the sofa is an important reflection of our living space and lifestyle. We asked Jojoba Lam of online contemporary furniture outlet Stockroom for tips on purchasing the right sofa for you and your home.

Kagan feather down fabric sofa L-shape
Kagan feather down fabric sofa L-shape


What’s your preferred style of sofa?

I love lying on a sofa, enjoying some cosy time as a break from my busy working life.Ideally, a sofa should be cool in summer and warm in winter; feather-down sofas are therefore my preference because they come with a blended material of foam and feather that not only gives comfort but can also be very stylish at the same. This type of sofa tends to be weather-resistant, and there are plenty of colour and pattern options.

Could you provide some advice on fabrics for our readers?

Our sales team is often asked about the most appropriate type of sofa to buy for families with children; our response is to explain that different sofas have different features. Many people choose fabric sofas for their versatile patterns and colours; it’s easy to match your existing décor or interior concept. Leather swatches are more limited in colour and pattern. The advantage of leather sofas, however, is that they can survive the abuse of everyday use – they’re tough, durable and resistant against water damage, and they don’t collect dirt or grease. So, they’re more kid-friendly and pet-friendly. Leather sofas also retain their beauty for a long period of time, and they give a high-end, luxurious look to a home, regardless of whether the living room is in a contemporary or traditional style.

What about colours? When should you buy a white or light-coloured sofa?

When choosing the colour of your sofa, you should consider your entire décor, including the shade of the floor. As rule of thumb, you may want to pick a colour that contrasts the colour of the floor – or just choose something neutral. For fans of fabric sofas, we recommend choosing dark-coloured fabrics if it’s for a household with kids or pets. Apart from particular colours, customers are also advised to choose a sofa with removable and washable covers. Our feather-down sofa collection gives you the flexibility of removing the entire cover for dry-cleaning or buying extra-full sofa covers for a fresher look every time.

Florence Fabric Sofa 2 seater
Florence Fabric Sofa 2 seater

Are there any fabrics that don’t seem to work so well in Hong Kong?

In my opinion, every fabric works well here, so it’s just a matter of preference and the sofa’s setting within the home.

What about style? Are there styles or fabrics that don’t date?

The question of what’s a timeless sofa style is a subjective one; I usually say a design is timeless if the sofa is well proportioned to your area, blends well with your interior, and continues to serve the purpose for its intended user. As for fabric colours, neutral colours are generally considered to be timeless, and they fit well with different environments.Stockroom can provide you with insights into new sofa trends. The trends for modern furniture design in 2016, for example, will be contemporary materials, bright upholstery fabrics and innovative frames that will not only revolutionise the industry but offer beautiful, multifunctional and practical home-decorating ideas. However, no matter how many awards a design or designer has won, it still all boils down to comfort and functionality.

Are modulars still “in”?

Yes, most modular sofas can be considered “timeless” because they’re comfortable and also practical. A modular sofa gives you more seating space and allows you to avoid dead corner spaces.

Aquarius Fabric Sofa 2 seater
Aquarius Fabric Sofa 2 seater

What’s your bestseller?

Our feather-down sofas. Among our selection, the most popular are probably the Kagan L-shape and Vella sofas. From our foam sofa collection, it’s the Aquarius sofa that tops the sales chart; the Italian design embraces both a minimalistic concept and a contemporary style, making it an ideal piece for any family room.

To see a huge range of sofa ideas for your home, click on the “sofas” tab at the Stockroom website, stockroom.com.hk.