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Warming winter home decor ideas

Winter in Hong Kong is generally a short-lived affair, but when it does hit, it can get rather chilly. Because our homes aren’t well equipped for the cooler temperatures, we checked in with Catherine Trotman, from interior furnishing and homeware store INSIDE, to get some interior decoration ideas on how to stay warm this winter.

Don’t get caught out by the cold

“There are some simple tricks we can use to ease the chill factor at home, and at INSIDE we have a comforting collection of furnishings to warm up your space during the winter months. Walking around on cold floors can really give you the chills, so throwing a rug over a floor will not only add style and colour to a room, but also a layer of insulation to the floor, trapping the cool air underneath, and keeping your feet nice and toasty too!

Another stylish way to add warmth to your living areas is to add a throw. Whether you drape it over your bed, or snuggle into it in the living room, the warmth provided by a sumptuous throw will add a whole new dimension to your winter interior style. Switching your cushion covers for the colder season is another simple way to give your room a warm and inviting look; choose rich colours and warm fibres, such as INSIDE’s luxurious velvet cushions. Also, be sure to use warm, glowing light bulbs in your table lamps, rather than cold white bulbs; burning candles can also make a room feel cosy, and give your space a beautiful warm glow.

Give your light cotton bed linen a break over winter, and warm up the bedroom using quilted bed covers, cashmere blankets and luxurious mohair, lambswool and cashmere throws. Choose warm colours and soft fabrics to give your bedroom an inviting feel. For the ultimate in warmth and luxury, treat yourself to a warm, fragrance-filled bath, then wrap up nice and snug in an INSIDE cashmere robe and slippers. Remember, when the season is over and the winter woollies are no longer needed, make sure you care for them so they’re in perfect condition for the next time that the cold snap hits. Invest in vacuum storage bags and pack everything away dry and clean. Before we know it, the searing heat and humidity will be back again; so snuggle up, and enjoy the cosiness and luxury that winter brings!”


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