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Where to donate books in Hong Kong

By: Bailey Cherry

Bailey Cherry is a student at the Canadian International School in Hong Kong. Here, Bailey shares a feel-good story and the perfect solution for where to donate books in Hong Kong. Expat Living is proud to introduce her amazing charity initiative, reBooked.

Sharing the joy of reading, by Bailey Cherry

Earlier this year, my family and I realised that we had many books at home that no longer ‘sparked joy’.  In particular, we had hundreds of children’s books that my sister and I had outgrown.  These books were special to us, and many of them were in great condition. However, inspired by Marie Kondo, we knew it was time to let them go.

We didn’t want to dispose of our books in the recycle bin at our apartment building, so we researched online for the best place to donate books. That weekend, carrying bags of books, our family went out of our way to visit a local NGO, only to find more bags of donated books (among other used items) left outside the NGO shop unattended. I was both surprised and disappointed. I was convinced there had to be a better way to share these wonderful titles that my sister and I had loved all these years with other children who would enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Bailey has done a fabulous job starting reBooked

The birth of reBooked

That experience led me to establish reBooked, a non-profit enterprise that aims to provide a platform for repurposing pre-loved children’s books here in Hong Kong. At reBooked, we hope to extend the shelf life of children’s books by promoting their re-use and by keeping the books where they belong. We believe books belong in the hands of young readers.

I started reBooked during the summer. Since then I have been supported and encouraged by many strangers who have also been generous. Indeed, reBooked has reinforced my belief that given the opportunity, people can be happy and ready to share.

How it all works

How does reBooked work?  We collect second-hand kids’ books directly from families, providing a convenient and free service that discourages the wasteful disposal of children’s books.  Book donors receive store credit with each book donated, as a token of appreciation.

We then sort through the books and upload the titles on our online bookstore for sale at a fraction of their original price. Our books are priced at just enough to cover our operational costs. Through our website, we make it easy for Hong Kong families to access great second-hand children’s books in a single location.

We aim to promote a circular economy that is beneficial and convenient for both our book donors and book buyers. Our goal is to contribute to a zero waste lifestyle here in Hong Kong, starting with books.  The other week, I met a buyer who purchased books for her seven year old son. She told me that when her son was done with the books, she would donate the books back to us. This way, they could be passed on to other children. That’s the spirit of reBooked!

With reBooked, we also have the opportunity to promote literacy and a love for reading at a young age. Our book buyers are often parents of young children and they frequently ask us for book recommendations and reading tips. I personally love books. I am so glad that I can share my passion and serve the Hong Kong community in my own way.

If you would like to donate books in Hong Kong, please head to and support Bailey.

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