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What to pack when travelling with kids

Packing for any holiday can be daunting, and even more so if you’re taking small children along. With good planning, though, you’ll be good to go.


Prior to packing, check the weather forecast for your holiday destination and note the airline’s cabin baggage size and weight restrictions. Once you’ve checked in your luggage, you can’t retrieve anything from it, so make sure you have the following essentials packed in a cabin bag:

1. Enough nappies to last the whole flight. Anti-bacterial wet wipes are very handy to clean up any type of mess.

2. Your kids’ favourite books or toys to keep them occupied. Choose ones that aren’t too big; inflatable toys are good choices.

3. An iPad loaded with interesting games, stories and movies for entertainment on short-haul flights, as smaller aircraft may not have in-flight entertainment.

4. A set of sleepwear for long-haul flights; children will feel more comfortable sleeping in pyjamas. A spare outfit is a must for the inevitable food spills.

5. Enough milk powder for your baby, stored in small jars or bottles that meet airline regulations. Snacks like raisins, muesli bars or gummy bears will help keep older kids quiet.

6. A compact travel blanket or jacket in case it gets cold, as airline blankets can be scratchy and uncomfortable.

What’s in the checked-in luggage?

1. Comfortable closed shoes like sneakers for walking. Alternatively, let your kids wear them on the flight to save valuable luggage space. A pair of sandals for casual outings is practical for tropical destinations.

2. A good mix of shorts and long pants and a windbreaker or hooded jacket. Some activities may require special types of clothing and the weather can be unpredictable in other countries.

3. A couple of swimsuits if you’re on a tropical beach holiday. B’Tots’ swimwear range has UV protection to ensure that your children are extra protected against harmful sunrays.

4. Basic toiletries such as toothbrushes, sun cream, body lotion, and kids’ body wash and shampoo. You might be able to buy some of these once you’re there, but pack enough to see you through until you manage to find a store.

5. Medicines in case there’s no pharmacy near your destination. If your children have prescription medication, bring them together with a mini first aid kit that includes antibiotics, paracetamol, Band-Aids, a thermometer and insect repellant.

6. Your baby or toddler’s preferred food in case it’s not available at your destination – ensure that you pack enough for the whole trip.

7. Enough nappies for each day plus a couple more – they’ll get used up very quickly!

Now enjoy the trip – you deserve it!