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Why some men might be losing the battle of the bulge

By: Melissa Stevens

Wondering why you’re struggling to lose weight and get fit? If your experience is typical of many men, it could be a result of a busy work schedule and hectic lifestyle outside the office. But you also need to ask yourself whether you’re tackling problems the right way. Julia Lohmann, of Hypoxi, explains how men can take a strategic approach to weight loss and fitness.

Hypoxi treadmill for weight loss for men
Hypoxi can tailor a programme to your needs

“Men have larger frames and higher testosterone levels than women do,” Julia says. “This means that they’ll generally be stronger and leaner. In addition, men have stronger bones than women. This larger frame means that they have relatively bigger hearts and lungs, and this in turn helps a lot with cardiovascular exercise.”

When it comes to weight loss, Julia says input versus output is important, but body shape also plays a part. “Distinguishing which factors play a greater role is important to ensure successful and sustainable weight loss – being able to shape the ‘right’ areas,” she says. “Many men are more apple-shaped, where fat is stored around the waist, stomach and hips.”

She urges men to make time in their schedules. “In a city with arguably the most literal approach to the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic, finding the time to stay in shape can be a real challenge,” she says.

Julia highlights Hypoxi’s 30-minute training sessions using the Vacunaut pressure suit as one particularly effective way to achieve the right shape. The suit applies alternating pressure on the dermis during the session, promoting circulation around the waist, stomach and hip region while you’re working out. As a result, fatty acids in the abdomen area are more readily metabolised than in other parts of the body. “The Vacunaut targets undesired fat deposits through a unique combination of compression and vacuum therapy, and moderate fat-burning activity,” she says.

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