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We love Hong Kong, especially in a montage! Find out more about our previous issues cover image and how you can get your own HK montage

BELINDA BATH arrived in Hong Kong in April 2007 as a trailing spouse and has explored the city through her photography ever since. We loved her montage so much that we decided to use it as this issue’s cover image; we think it’s perfect for Chinese New Year, too. Belinda’s hope is to share with you the simple beauty, rich colour and diverse culture that are in the world around us. We spoke to her recently about her life and her work.


We loved this one so much we made it our front cover!
We loved this one so much we made it our front cover!


What’s your background?

My love of the creative began after school when I studied fashion design and Illustration. This ultimately led to a 15-year career as a freelance photographic stylist in Melbourne working across commercial, advertising and editorial, covering a wide array of print, television and digital media. Working with many talented Australian photographers on print and television over the years fuelled my love of design and photography.


What made you come up with the montage ideas?

I started taking photos of Hong Kong as a way to feed my creativity and I quickly realised how much I loved exploring the city. I started documenting our time here for our kids (now 13 and 15) through photos and images in the way of photographic books, and a friend of mine asked me if I would put something together for her to hang on her wall. That was the start of my montages; no one was doing anything like this at the time in HK and worked the design around a colour theme. She loved it, and I wanted to create more. I did a whole series and Belinda Bath Images was born!

Your favourite street and your best memories
Your favourite street and your best memories


How have things evolved since then?

I change my designs regularly and only do a limited print run of each design so that they aren’t mass-produced. I love creating new designs in beautiful palettes, like my new two designs, Musk and Blue Lapis. I draw on my background as a stylist to photograph and style some of the images so I can control the backgrounds and colour palette.

My designs have developed over the years as I’ve built my library of images. The montages continue to be designed around a strong colour theme that has become my signature. I’ve loved experimenting with new designs such as in my Tattoo and Reflections series. And my love of travel has also featured in my designs of Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia and Europe.

I’ve also worked on some great corporate designs for clients and have become known for my customised designs, where your own personal memories and places can be incorporated into the designs for a truly one-off piece.


Are the images framed or mounted?

My designs can either be printed on canvas and stretched around a wooden frame or printed on beautiful etching paper and framed behind glass. They can also be printed unframed and rolled up to be shipped anywhere in the world. The canvases are all coated in a protective gloss coating that prevents fading and wear.




They’re a great idea for a leaving present or a memento of Hong Kong.

Yes, many people buy my work as leaving gifts as they can get together with a group of friends to make it really affordable. I also do gift vouchers that can be purchased for up to any amount and are valid for six months.


For information about Belinda’s work, see the FAQ section of her website,, or visit Belinda Bath Images on Facebook or Instagram. For a price list, email


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