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We find out more about Woodland Beachside Pre-School

Are you looking for a new pre-school or kindergarten in Hong Kong? The newly renovated Woodland Beachside at Repulse Bay has proven to be the perfect start to preschool for little Oscar and Halle. Mum LAUREN TRENCH tells us more.

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Describe your family’s experience at Woodland Beachside.

Our three-year-old son Oscar started at the Woodland Beachside Pre-School in September 2015, and our daughter Halle, who has just turned one, began Playgroup in early 2016. We had heard so many wonderful things about the Woodland Group of Schools, including the plans to renovate Beachside last year. We were very excited once we saw the amazing set-up and met the equally amazing staff at Beachside. The Mandarin/English class is exactly what we were hoping to find for our son, who now sings and counts in Mandarin whenever possible.

What resources did you use to research and choose a school for your children in Hong Kong?

Being a teacher myself, I had a pretty good idea of the schools I had in mind for my children. I researched these schools on their websites in order to find one that would provide a strong Mandarin programme and also came with great recommendations through friends’ experiences.

What were one or more of the most important factors that made you decide to send your children to Woodland?

The amazing campus at Beachside is hard to overlook, and the Mandarin/English class is remarkable. But the winning point for us was the staff. The teaching team is just incredible and the Head of School, Tracey Cuthbertson, is an absolute gem! 

What has helped your child to settle into school?

The care and support from the teachers definitely helped Oscar adjust to school life and settle the separation anxiety he had experienced previously. Also, engaging in a play-based approach to teaching and learning made it a smooth transition into preschool.

What does Oscar say is the most enjoyable aspect of attending Beachside?

He just adores his teachers and his classmates. He’s excited to go to school just to see his teachers and friends. The amazing outdoor playground is a favourite, too!

Anything you can add that might help other parents deciding which school their child or children should attend here?

Hong Kong provides amazing early childhood education opportunities and I feel that our children are blessed to be able to participate in such high-quality learning programmes that are laying the foundation for all that is to come.

Woodland Beachside Pre-school is at 2/F, 35 Beach Road, Repulse Bay. To find out more about the school, call 2812 0274 or visit

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