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Visiting Singapore? Stay connected online and get awesome discount deals with Changi Recommends

Visiting Singapore, discount deals, Changi Recommends 

If you’re planning to visit Singapore for the holidays, why not make it easier on yourself and your wallet? We know that travelling during the holidays isn’t cheap, and you’ve far too many other things to spend your money on than paying full price for popular attractions and dining in Singapore’s food paradise (Hello? Extra cash for Christmas pressies, please!) We recommend saving yourself a bundle by using Changi Recommends travel services, conveniently located at Changi Recommends counters in all the terminals at Singapore Changi Airport Arrival Halls.

Changi Recommends not only broker great handpicked deals from merchants Islandwide (including attractive rates on Sentosa attractions), but did you know they also rent pocket-sized, 4G capable SG travel routers at S$10 per day? Talk about an easy way to stay connected without having to search for WiFi connection, and forget about the headache of realizing you have to change SIM cards, or bill shocks from your data roaming feature on your device during your trip. This super-convenient SG travel router can fit into the size of your palm, into a pocket or even a tiny handbag so that you can enjoy Singapore on their 4G, high-speed unlimited high speed network (which is perfect for those photos and happenings you know you’ll want to share). What’s even better is that Changi Recommends’ SG travel router can connect up to eight devices, so that you and your family are all covered during your holiday.

So, before you go, make sure you visit Changi Recommends online to reserve your SG travel router at least 72 hours in advance, and while you’re at it, flip through the Singapore dining and attractions deals for savings throughout your vacation. Otherwise, walk in to approach any Changi Recommends associates at the counters to rent the local travel router or attraction deals when you arrive in Singapore airport.


Visiting Singapore, discount deals, Changi Recommends 

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