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Did you bring your fur baby with you to Hong Kong? Or perhaps you’ve adopted a new four-legged member of the family? Either way, it’s important to know where to take them for specialist care, if the need arises. We caught up with the team from Veterinary Specialist Hospital (VSH) to hear about ways they’re helping treat Hong Kong pets.

What exactly is a veterinary specialist?

Your pet is part of your family, so you want to give them the best care. But why would you need a specialist? Pets are similar to human patients in that they sometimes require expertise, advanced facilities and diagnostic equipment to treat complicated conditions. A veterinary specialist is a doctor who has undergone extra years of formal residency training in one aspect of veterinary medicine to become an expert in that specific area. The veterinary specialists at VSH do not replace your family veterinarian. We collaborate with them, providing expertise, service and, importantly, the most current and specialised medicine available to treat your pet.

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong dog

Is it a high-tech hospital?

We have designed our large facilities (20,000 square feet) to provide advanced diagnostic and patient care in a spacious, stress-free environment. We now have a new 1.5 Tesla Siemens MRI offering uncompromised imaging capability for the most advanced and demanding scans – we can treat patients ranging in size from the tiniest poodle to a gigantic Great Dane!

A word from a pet-parent…

Little Piggy was completely paralysed from disc disease in her neck. The MRI at VSH allowed for a rapid diagnosis, and spinal surgery occurred immediately after the scan. Surgery was performed in time and now she can walk, wag and run again. We’re so grateful to the VSH team! – KIKO C

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