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4 travel trends for 2018

The team from Jacada Travel gives us an insider’s look at some travel trends that are likely to be hot next year.

travel trends: Zambia is shaping up as a hot destination in 2018
Liuwa Plains National Park in Zambia offers a crowd-free safari experience

#1 Doing Africa Differently

Try: A Zambia safari without the crowds

For a crowd-free safari experience, Liuwa Plains National Park in Zambia is the place to go in 2018. Since African Parks took over the management of the park in 2003, there has been a steady rise in the lion and cheetah population and a decrease in illegal poaching. Africa’s second biggest wildebeest migration also passes through the park, so it offers a great opportunity to witness the magic without being surrounded by dozens of other safari vehicles.

Africa’s second biggest wildebeest migration also passes through the park, so it offers a great opportunity to witness the magic without being surrounded by dozens of other safari vehicles.

The opening of King Lewanika Lodge this year has given Liuwa Plains its first ultra-luxury property as well, and there are sure to be more to come as the park’s animal populations steadily rise.

Jacada Travel has also seen a rise in bookings to Zambia since 2015. Once only thought of as an add-on to a trip to South Africa, it’s now becoming a destination in its own right. 2018 is a great year to explore the country and its newly popularised park, before everyone else jumps on board!

travel trends: Head north to Scandinavia!
Head north to Scandinavia!

#2 Heading for the Cold

Try: Rediscovering Scandinavia

Tourist numbers to Iceland are up over 34 percent already in 2017, so heading north is another big travel trend on the rise; indeed, the entirety of the polar regions is becoming more and more popular. Cathay Pacific has just announced the launch of direct flights from Hong Kong to Copenhagen from May to October 2018, too, so these places are closer than you thought.

For anyone who may not have had Scandinavia (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark) in mind in recent years when it comes to colder destinations, the awe-inspiring scenery, world-class cuisine, simple and contemporary
design, active cultural and creative industries and various outdoor activities are just a few reasons to make this part of the world a priority.

Join a cooking class in Sweden; go Lamborghini racing across the frozen lakes in Finnish Lapland, or encounter brown bears in Finland in summer; try a horse-sledging tour during full moon in the Norwegian winter; or enjoy island-hopping on the Swedish west coast. These are just some of the activities Jacada Travel can arrange.

travel trends: Kick a life goal by summiting Kilimanjaro (in luxury!)
Kick a life goal by summiting Kilimanjaro (in luxury!)

#3 Kicking a Life Goal

Try: Summiting Kilimanjaro (in luxury!)

More and more people are travelling to achieve something: climb a certain mountain, push to achieve a lifelong goal or use travel to find themselves. It’s why Jacada Travel has seen a substantial rise in the number of trips involving trekking and hiking since 2015; and next year looks like being no different.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro sits at the top of many trek-lovers’ bucket lists, and Jacada offers a luxurious way to make it easier to reach the summit – no more sacrificing comfort when breaking the 5,000m mark! On this trek, you’ll have the best and most knowledgeable guides, sleep in deluxe tents, wake up to fresh French-press Arushan coffee, and even enjoy a hot shower. Groups can stay in a Luxury Heated Lounge Tent – available for smaller groups to provide a comfortable, cosy space to relax in after a hard day of trekking. With inflatable tube chairs, a coffee table with reading materials, playing cards and chocolates, it’s the perfect place to kick back and enjoy afternoon tea, or recline after dinner.

If you’re looking for a stylish Kilimanjaro approach (not to mention a better chance of reaching the summit), this is definitely the way to go.

travel trends: Indonesia’s Komodo National Park is a trending destination
Indonesia’s Komodo National Park is a trending destination

#4 Finding Unique Wildlife

Try: Dragon spotting at Komodo

Indonesia’s Komodo National Park is one of the hot travel trends for 2018, due in a large part to the improved access to Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo. What was once an arduous multi-day trip involving a combination of boat and bus can now be done with a short flight from Bali instead. To accommodate the increased traffic to the area, a wide assortment of hotels has been popping up.

Travellers come from around the world to spot the iconic dragons (actually the world’s largest living species of lizard), take in stunning views, and snorkel at Pink Beach, one of the world’s best dive sites and natural and cultural marvels.

Jacada Travel has seen an increase in popularity in trips to Indonesia – four-fold between 2015 and 2016, with a continuing rise into 2017 – and more of these travellers are heading further afield to destinations such as Komodo, to see a different side of the country.

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