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Top spots for Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong means it’s time to break out those lanterns to celebrate the longtime tradition of family and harvest. Held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month in the Chinese calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival traditionally marks and celebrates the end of the Autumn harvest. The festival was traditionally a thanksgiving celebration, with families gathering to eat mooncakes and admire the full moon. Moon worship also played a part; food was offered to the moon, and lanterns were carried to symbolise its light.

So how do we mark Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong these days? We still come together to celebrate with family (or our close friends when we’re away from family). A must-see event is the enormous fire dragon dance in Tai Hang. At this event, a Chinese dragon constructed with 70,000 glowing incense sticks winds through the streets down to Tin Hau. There are also local gatherings all over the city. Click through our guide to the best places for Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in Hong Kong.

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