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Tips on how to dress throughout your pregnancy: The Creative Director of Sono Vaso shows us how it’s done

tips on how to dress throughout pregnancy, creative director of Sono Vaso, pregnancy fashion

Each trimester brings its own style challenges, says Melanie McInally, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Sono Vaso. The key is to embrace your body’s changes and flatter yourself by looking and feeling good.


The first trimester (week 1 to week 13)
Many women want to keep their pregnancy quiet at least until the second trimester, so choose styles that skim loosely over your tummy and hips. Shift dresses, tunics or blouson tops are great options. Team them with skinny leggings, jeans or jeggings and you’re ready for anything. Tunics never go out of style and are a clever way of looking good and being modest. They hide any bits you don’t want showing and look suitably dressed up for the office or dinner.

The exact day your tummy will pop is unknown, however be prepared to wake up one morning to find that none of your ‘normal’ pants fit. So, early in your pregnancy invest in maternity pants and skirts with a soft stretchable waistband. These will be your new BFFs; you will use them your entire pregnancy and even after your baby arrives.


tips on how to dress throughout pregnancy, creative director of Sono Vaso, pregnancy fashion 

The second trimester (week 14 to week 27)
By the second trimester you’re hopefully over your morning / noon / night sickness and you’re ready to introduce your baby bump to the world. Now’s the time to show off your bump in figure-hugging styles; try jersey knit tops and dresses that have a spandex content and ruching on the side seams; these styles will grow with your tummy.

The second trimester is when a lot of women say they feel their best, positively glowing! So take this opportunity to dress your bump beautifully. Try a great wrap dress – it’s a timeless classic that will take you from meeting to mocktails looking great. Throw it on with a soft-wrap cards, heels and statement jewellery.


 tips on how to dress throughout pregnancy, creative director of Sono Vaso, pregnancy fashion

The third trimester (week 28 to week 40)
As your bump grows, use volume to your advantage with a great flowing maxi dress. Lightweight jersey or woven fabrics will drape beautifully over your bump and keep you feeling cool. During pregnancy, a woman’s core body temperature rises leaving her prone to becoming hot and uncomfortable. Wearing lighter, natural-fibre clothing allows the skin to breathe, creating the conditions for coolness and comfort.

You will also want longevity in any new maternity wear purchase now; so look for combined maternity and nursing functions in your tops. And for a time saver when baby arrives, go for cute pyjamas that can double as loungewear.

The do’s and don’ts of maternity fashion


  • Celebrate your new shape; confidence is beautiful!
  • Buy maternity clothes that make you feel good. Natural fibres let you breathe; a good fabric and fit will make you feel great.
  • Draw attention to your best feature; accessorise with statement jewellery and shoes.
  • Pay attention to your make-up, hair and regular manis/pedis; it’s all in the details.
  • Invest in good basic styles like a tank, tank dress and straight leg.


  • Buy one size too big; maternity brands have taken pregnancy body shapes into consideration in their design.
  • Be afraid of prints or stripes; an all-over pattern can actually make you look smaller.
  • Hide your tummy; wear figure flattering body-conscious styles, just make sure you buy tops that are long enough to reach well over your tummy, go for exaggerated long tanks and tees.
  • Expect your pre-pregnancy body to be a back in a week after the baby is born… so keep your favourite comfortable clothes handy so you can still look good and be at ease.