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Tips for creating the perfect Christmas Tree

There’s one thing buying a Christmas tree, but there’s another thing about decorating one. It could go oh-so wrong and turn out looking more floppy than fabulous. We talk to our friends over at Indigo Living to make sure that doesn’t happen to us.


Thanks Indigo Living for this gorge snap!
Thanks Indigo Living for this gorge snap!


When decorating a tree, where’s the best place to start?

Before you add any decorations, hang white lights on green or white wire to your tree. Don’t skimp on lights: we recommend using a strand of 100 lights for every vertical foot of tree. The best-dressed trees tend to have a theme or colour palette, so decide what yours is going to be before you start.


Is it possible to create a tree that’s classic but also on trend?

Even Christmas decorations are subject to annual trends. Metallics are popular again this year. Gold looks great when used exclusively, but is an ideal choice if you wish to mix and match with other colours. Try gold glitter leaf baubles and silver and gold 3D stars interspersed with a splash of rich colour from red-beaded holly baubles. or purple and gold striped baubles. Hang larger ornaments or those with unique shapes or colours first as these are the ones that will stand out.

For more understated elegance, try pairing snowy silvers and whites with clear glass for a delicate, almost ethereal look. Crystal-drop tree decorations, diamante swag teardrop baubles, and matte white snowflake balls will quietly steal the show. But remember to hang fragile or treasured ornaments on the upper branches of your tree where they are out of reach of pets and small children and less likely to get knocked (or pulled!) off.
I want something really special at the top of my tree; what do you suggest?

The crowning glory of any tree is its topper but perhaps the most elegant ones come in the form of a star. Indigo Living has plenty to choose from – check out the silver or gold star burst tree toppers.  Finish off your tree with a light dusting of a big box of Indigo Living “snow”, then scatter your presents around. Bring on Santa!


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