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The Wardrobe Gods have landed: clothes storage solution

As a beauty and style blogger for, Jodie Mccowan readily admits that she has too much of everything and not enough space. When she discovered sustainable wardrobe solution PAKT, her problems were solved. Here she tells us more.

Store your clothes in a cool, dry environment
Store your clothes in a cool, dry environment

I concentrate on purchasing quality long-term pieces for my wardrobe, but living in Hong Kong, in small apartments with even smaller wardrobes, presented a huge dilemma for me to not only store my clothes efficiently but also care for them adequately.

“The first couple of years I was here, I used space bags that ended up ruining some of my most treasured garments. I came across PAKT after watching a video testimonial by fellow blogger Jasmine Smith and I thought, ‘That’s it! I am saved … and so are my clothes!

The process is very easy. I called the PAKT team to collect my clothes – mostly seasonal stuff I don’t need now, some evening wear, shoes and bags. They arrived promptly, in uniform and white gloves, took all my favourite pieces and packed them with care, and then whisked them off to their temperature- and humidity-controlled centre.

Your very own on demand wardrobe
Your very own on demand wardrobe

A few days later I was able to view my wardrobe in a digital version, as the team also photographs and codes all your garments – including those winter boots and precious handbags. It means I can easily remember what I have in my PAKT wardrobe, and the best thing is that I can call pieces back at short notice should I need them for a special event.

The team was great and they even tended to some much-needed repairs, so they are also wonderful at helping to preserve the life of your favourite clothes.

The PAKT showroom is now open and allows me to sell and donate pieces at the tap of a finger at
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