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The Taco Diet is really a thing, and here’s what happened when our Online Editor tried it

By: Sarah Richard

When it comes to fad diet trends I’m not one to jump on board, but when I was told about the 3-day Taco Cleanse, that allows you to eat as many tacos as you want for three days, I was on it faster than you can fill a tortilla!

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Could you eat Tacos all day?


What is a Taco Cleanse?

Good question, I had no idea either. I received a box labeled ‘3-day Taco Cleanse’, from Taco Chaca in Sai Ying Pun, with absolutely no instructions – so I was still as clueless. A little research online told me that not only was I participating in this diet trend, but Jennifer Aniston was too. I was becoming increasingly confident about this by the minute.

It’s a pretty simple diet (or so I thought) which effectively sees you cutting out meat and dairy – aka a Vegan diet. The ridiculous thing was you could eat as many tacos as you wanted throughout the day, AND still drink alcohol. I was beginning to think this may just be some sort of genius marketing stunt.


Here’s how it went..


Day 1:

I had a friend visiting Hong Kong and promised to show her the delights of the local cuisine. This, of course, meant we had to visit a Cha chaan teng for breakfast. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to do a taco cleanse at a Cha chaan teng (of course you haven’t) but it’s pretty much impossible. A) because tacos are not on the menu, and B) neither are vegetables. I managed to get a plate of steamed vegetables and produced the tacos and salsa out of my bag, much to the bewilderment of my fellow diners. Smothering the veg with the salsa provided in the taco cleanse box, I took the ‘eat as much as you like’ instruction as ‘eat as many as you can’ and ate 4. Four tacos for breakfast – I was absolutely stuffed.


Unsurprisingly I was full for a fair few hours after. However, lunch came and went and I was getting peckish. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to make yourself eat just 1 taco – but it’s pretty impossible. So I ate 3. To be fair, I was pleased with my homemade tofu, shitake mushroom and pepper concoction. 3pm and taco count was at 7. Dinner came and I finished up at 9. I was completely fed up with tacos already, and I felt bloated and missed cheese. And meat. I didn’t like being a vegan thus far, even if it was a taco vegan.


Day 2

The absolutely last thing I wanted was any more tacos. I didn’t sleep very well in the night after my NINE tacos, and in the morning I still felt bloated. Nope, there was no way I was going to eat any more tacos. Posting about my new ‘amazing’ cleanse on social media caused lots of discussion and predictably a lot of questions on its authenticity. I still felt horrendous from my previous day’s taco binge and agreed with people’s opinions that it couldn’t possibly work. To say I gave up would sound pathetic, but I did. I gave up on a taco diet. Because there is no way a taco diet can make you lose weight, feel good or get any healthier – there are just too many tortillas in the equation. I reached for my porridge and congratulated myself on my 24 hours of dedication and hard work while applauding Taco Chaca on their ridiculous marketing stunt.


What’s included in the Taco-cleanse?

20 x flour tortillas

10 x corn or mixed soft taco shells

Taco Chaca’s homemade organic hot sauce,

Mexican mix spices

Pico de gallo

Salsa verde

A recipe ideas booklet


All the other ingredients you have to buy yourself –  but remember it has to all be vegan. I wish I could give you a bit more information about what the diet is actually supposed to do, but Taco Chaca neglected to inform me of that and just referred me to the famous book The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life that explains the science (?) behind it, however consuming tacos all day didn’t leave for much time, or want, to read the book.


Taco Chaca | G/F, 119 Second St, Sai Ying Pun | 2559 9519


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