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The inside scoop: Gordon Ramsay opens new restaurant in TST, and we talk to him first!

It’s not every day Gordon Ramsay comes into town, and it’s even less often that we get the chance to meet him in the flesh. But last week Expat Living got the exclusive lowdown on the opening of his newest restaurant, why he never wants to be ‘trendy’, what his mother taught him, plus what he was ‘dying to get his hands on.’ And we heard it straight from the man himself!!

Following on from the success of his first restaurant opening in Hong Kong, ‘Bread Street Kitchen,’ Gordon and the Dining Concepts team have successfully brought over another slice of London, and this time it’s tastier than ever! Introducing ‘London House’ in East Tsim Sha Tsui, the 7-time awarded Michelin Star chef is the first to admit how much Hong Kong has captured him.
Opens new restaurant London House

‘I love Hong Kong, it is such a great hub and an incredible multi-cultural launchpad. The level of sophistication in this city is THERE!’

Landing in this multicultural launchpad he talks of at 4:30am, we couldn’t blame him when he entered the room and declared, ‘I’m dying to get my hands on a pint’, and we definitely knew of a place round here where he could get one of those. London House, as described by Ramsay, is a ‘Cool Britannia restaurant that serves great beers and British dishes with a twist. He proudly informed us there will be an all-day British menu featuring favourites such as Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash and Shepherd’s Pie, and describes his latest adventure as aCool, iconic gastro pub/den.’

He continued chatting about his busy time schedule, which involves two weeks on, three weeks off, and flying all around the world; a schedule that is set out 18 months in advance. Of course that means he values family time highly and told us how he owes his mum a F-ing fortune. (Yes, we are talking about the swearing chef here, of course there were a few F bombs flying around!)

‘She [his mum] taught me not to waste food, that I had to eat everything on my plate otherwise it looked rude. So I did, I never wasted anything and I kept that going with my kids. At breakfast in the morning I make sure they eat it all. One day they will be out there on their own, and they need to always remember not to waste good food’.

When asked about local flavours in his food, Gordon stuck to his word regarding the ‘London House’ theme, and explained how sourcing local ingredients was important to him. He, however, promises to be very stubborn with his British classics – not trying to be ‘trendy’ but to be reliable. He says:

‘Trends are important, but the minute you are un-trendy everyone moves on. We don’t want that’.

Although Gordon doesn’t want his restaurants to be too trendy, we couldn’t help but notice how trendy he was. After just completing a triathlon two weeks ago, and only having a few hours sleep, the celebrity chef was looking better than ever and completely charmed us, talking to the crowd like old friends. He casually chatted to Online Editor Sarah Richard about how great Hong Kong was as a city, and sincerely said:

‘If I had the chance to do what you were doing at your age, living and working in such a fun city, I would have snapped it up, I’m very envious’.

Gordon and Online Editor Sarah Richard
Gordon and Online Editor Sarah Richard

Swooned by Ramsay’s charismatic demeanor, we happily spent the lunch period trying out his best dishes while overlooking the sun beaming down on Victoria Harbour. The location couldn’t be more perfect – the Fish & Chips, without a doubt were the best we have tasted in Hong Kong and Gordon Ramsay and his team ran a seamless production. All we have left to say is congratulations Gordon, we loved having you in our city, and we can’t wait to continue coming to London House for some great British grub.

London House, G5, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui

Check out our full review of London House in the Dec/Jan of Expat Living Magazine!

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