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Looking for a good deal on diamonds?

There are almost as many jewellery stores in Hong Kong as there are shoppers, but with high rents and commissions, you’re not always likely to get value for money when buying diamonds. So, where do you go when you want something a little different, and without the Queen’s Road mark-up? The Diamond Registry has been supplying wholesale stones to clients for over 50 years; we asked two happy customers for the inside scoop on buying their engagement rings.

The Diamond Registry can offer competitive pricing as a major international diamond distributor.
The Diamond Registry can offer competitive pricing as a major international distributor of diamonds

We all know that a diamond is a precious and unique thing, but that can make buying them more of a challenge – you’ve really got to know what you’re looking for. The Diamond Registry makes the process as transparent as possible. As a major international diamond distributor, it sells to jewellers and dealers, while for private clients it offers a chance to bypass the middle man.

Janet Wong and her fiancé first contacted the Diamond Registry in January when they found themselves in need of an engagement ring. They shopped around after getting recommendations from friends, but found the Diamond Registry online when they went looking for a better price on a high-quality diamond. While the idea of shopping for diamonds online may sound a little scary, Janet found the website very informative, and the pricing transparent.

And what about the process of actually buying a stone? “It’s really simple,” says Janet. “You call to make an appointment (or leave your details on the website for them to call you back). They ask you a few questions to get a rough sense of what you’re looking for, and after that you simply go to their office and take a look at the selected diamonds and choose the one you want! And, if you don’t find something you like, they’ll also help you look for a specific type of stone.”

Diamonds: A three-carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring and diamond earrings from The Diamond Registry
A three-carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring and diamond earrings from The Diamond Registry

Yang Lin had a similar experience. After trying to find an engagement ring in London, she happened upon the Diamond Registry on a visit to Hong Kong last year. She says it was not only the quality of the stones but also the service that appealed to her.

“Grace was very patient with us through the whole process, giving us all kinds of recommendations about which stone to buy; we were at her office for nearly three hours each day! She brought out a lot of stones and explained their features to us one by one. After we selected our diamond, she recommended the best settings for it. It only took a few days from deciding on the ring we wanted to buy to actually getting the ring,” she says.

The Diamond Registry team will also help you create a bespoke piece of jewellery if you’re not sure what to do with your newly acquired bling. After purchasing a three-carat pear-shaped diamond and having an engagement ring made, Yang and her fiancé were so impressed by the service that they returned six months later for a pair of diamond earrings.

Janet was equally happy: “I’ve already recommended the Diamond Registry and Grace to girlfriends looking for jewellery, just because I believe everyone needs a professional diamond expert they can trust, and it really makes the process so much more enjoyable.”

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