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The 8 most popular stories in 2014 on Expat Living Hong Kong

As another year winds down in the Expat Living offices, we’re waxing nostalgic (queue: Auld Lang Syne) about all the things that made our January through December great. Here’s to you, readers! Thank you Hong Kong for making these our top 8 articles to read in 2014.


PoHo, Hong Kong: We discover why so many of Hong Kong’s creative minds are being drawn to this vibrant and unique area

Just chillin in PoHo, Hong Kong
Just chillin in PoHo

Deep down inside, we want to be hipsters. But we had the next best thing in chatting with the savvy and stylish Joanne Pereira, creator of design blog Eclectic Cool. Here’s what Joanne had to say about HK’s newest design hub.


10 Great Private Kitchens in Hong Kong

Pomegranate Kitchen, Hong Kong, 10 great private kitchens in Hong Kong
Pomegranate Kitchen

When you want to make the most of a special occasion, or just fancy a custom made meal, we’ve got you covered with these 10 Great Private Kitchens in Hong Kong.


The 18 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Hong Kong

18 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Hong Kong
Pure Veggie House deliciousness!

Hubby’s gone vegan, and this inspired us to hunt out the best veggie and vegan options in the SAR.


Fab girls weekend holiday: We hit the Angsana Lang Co Ultimate Spa Getaway

Fab girls weekend holiday, Angsana Lang Co Ultimate Spa Getaway, slumber party
Perfect for a slumber party

What can we say? All the dining, travel, and home décor takes its toll on our lot. What better way to take a time out than to skirt off on a perfect girlfriends getaway in Vietnam? Did we mention there are UNLIMITED spa treatments?


App updates on Occupy Central HK closures: MTR, schools, transportation and more

App updates, Occupy Central HK closures, Causeway Bay station, Hong Kong 

When you really needed to get to work or decide whether or not to get the kids to school, but didn’t know what routes were open, this app helped to get us around Hong Kong during the Occupy Central movement.


Fitness: Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park opens in Quarry Bay and has us bouncing off the walls

Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park opens in Quarry Bay, BounceLimit’s trampoline fitness classes, Hong Kong
Ryze to the occasion

Jump around, anyone? When we discovered this bounce house could actually help burn bazillions of calories, we had to share. Now that trampolining has caught on, the movement has grown to include newbie jumper BounceLimit’s trampoline fitness classes.


1600 Pandas World Tour in Hong Kong’s WWF’s Creativity Meets Conservation Exhibition

1600 Pandas World Tour in Hong Kong, WWF creativity meets conservations exhibition, Hong Kong
I spy with my little eye….loads of cute pandas

Remember these monochrome cuties? 1600 Pandas were unleashed throughout Hong Kong, making their eventual home at PMQ.


News: Fight Club in Hong Kong catering to the rich expat? When the Bro Code goes too far

Finance and bank expats come for illegal fight club news, Hong Kong
Credit: Mark James

We get it – Hong Kong is a veritable playground for playboys, tai tais, and people with too much money on their hands. But some of us actually live normal(ish) lives in the expat community, so it was a shocker to hear all about when it can go too far.