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7 wardrobe essentials you need from your tailor

While fashions come and go, there are classic pieces that never go out of style and should be in every wardrobe, such as a sharp, tailor-made suit or a bespoke shirt and jacket. Manhattan Custom Tailors has been providing hand-cut and hand-made clothes since 1996. Owned by Michael Lalwani and Roger Shaikh, the company has built a strong reputation worldwide through its efficient service and reasonable costs.

Ensure you have the right pieces from your tailor in your wardrobe
You will never get caught out on the fashion front with the right tailored items in your wardrobe

“If the client is in Hong Kong, we can provide garments in 24 hours if it’s urgent,” Roger says. “If it’s non-urgent, we can provide them in two to four days with one or two trials satisfactory to the client. If the client is overseas, we take two to three weeks for stitching and delivery. Our delivery includes shipping and customs as well.”

The service doesn’t stop there, with the team from Manhattan Custom Tailors travelling overseas on a regular basis. “Our sales representatives travel to our client’s cities every six months to see them and help them enhance their wardrobe,” Roger says.

Manhattan prides itself on the extensive range of garments it can offer both men and women clients. Think tailoring staples such as suits, trousers, shirts, sports jackets and blazers to bespoke top coats, vest coats, dinner jackets, tuxedos and tuxedo shirts. They also can provide quality finishing touches, such as suit and shirt accessories like pocket squares, cuff links, shirt and suit buttons, belts and ties.

So, what pieces does every wardrobe need? Here, Michael and Roger share their advice on wardrobe essentials that are worth investing in for both men and women:

Manhattan Custom Tailor says a well-made suit is the cornerstone of any wardrobe
A well-made suit is the cornerstone of any wardrobe

#1 A classic suit

A well-made suit is a cornerstone piece. You can work with your tailor to choose a fabric and colour of your choice, although for your first suit, a navy or charcoal grey is a good starting point to begin building from.

Invest in a bespoke shirt made by a tailor
Once you experience a bespoke, hand-sewn shirt tailored to fit you will be hard-pressed to buy off-the-peg again

#2 A well-cut shirt

Once you have a bespoke, hand-sewn shirt tailored to fit, you’ll be hard-pressed to buy off-the-peg again. Start with a long-sleeved shirt in classic white with minimal detailing as a first investment piece. From there, there are all sorts of styling options such as short sleeves, French collars and pockets, as well as different colours including on-trend vintage prints.

Get a jacket or blazer from your tailor for smart casual occassions
A jacket or blazer can elevate jeans, pants or chinos for a smart casual event

#3 A blazer or sports coat

A tailor-made blazer or sports coat can be used to elevate jeans, pants or chinos and a shirt for smart casual occasions. A classic navy or bone colour works well, but given you will be wearing these in less formal settings, you can also choose from herringbone, stripes, checks or even velvet or corduroy.

Manhattan Custom Tailors: every wardrobe needs trousers, pants and chinos
Every wardrobe needs a combination of well-cut work trousers, classic pants and relaxed chinos

#4 Tailored trousers

Every wardrobe needs a combination of well-cut tailor-made work trousers, classic pants and relaxed chinos. Straight-fit pants, with or without pockets, are good for dressy events, comfort fits are perfect for hard-wearing work trousers and chinos can be worn with either T-shirts or semi-formal shirts for casual dressing. Pleated trousers are also an option for those looking for something different.

Manhattan Custom Tailors: top coat
Top coats benefit from being tailored

#5 Top coats

Top coats really benefit from being tailored, given they need to be worn over layers, so it can very obvious when they are ill-fitting. Start with a knee-length coat in brown, black or blue. Roger says a good topcoat should be lined and have internal and external pockets.

Manhattan Custom Tailors: a classic tuxedo
A classic tuxedo is a great wardrobe staple for both men and women for formal occasions

#6 Tuxedos

A classic tuxedo is a great tailor wardrobe staple for both men and women for formal occasions. Look for slim trousers and a cherry lapel jacket, with a bow tie or black tie to finish the look for a man. All Manhattan tuxedos are properly lined with piping detail, have two large chest pockets, and all seams are reinforced for maximum durability. Manhattan Custom Tailors also personalises pockets with the client’s name.

Manhattan Custom Tailors: ties and scarves
Ties and scarves add a finishing touch to an outfit

#7 Accessories

Don’t forget the finishing touches from your tailor that can elevate your look. Manhattan offers ties and stylish cufflinks for French collar and cuff shirts. Men and women can also use scarves, pocket squares and lapel pins to great effect.

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