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Style MD & Founder of SENATUS talks fashion for men

Style Managing Director & Founder of SENATUS.NET, fashion for men, men's fashion

EX Magazine recently met up with the Managing Director & Founder of SENATUS.NET for his word on men’s fashion sense.

Name: Kien Lee
Position: Managing Director & Founder of SENATUS.NET

How would you describe your style?
Everything starts with a jacket and denim jeans, well fitted, to go with either a crisp white button-down shirt or a cotton tee, sneakers or dress shoes.

Has that style evolved naturally, or have you been through “interesting” phases?
I used to have a sports jersey for every occasion, in every colour, and I used to wear it proudly to every setting, thinking there was some relevance. Eating at a Japanese restaurant? My Blue Samurai jersey works! Heading to an American diner? My Yankees top! So, in short, yes, my style has evolved over time to something my wife would “leave the house with me in”.

Sounds like a very patient lady… What’s your favourite item of clothing?
I wouldn’t say I have a particular favourite item per se, but I definitely indulge in my accessories. That’s where I give myself more licence to be adventurous, from pocket squares and ties to belt buckles, sunglasses, watches and bracelets.

When did you become interested in looking good?
I’ve always been interested. The challenge has always been whether I know how to look good! My sense of style has certainly evolved from when I was an investment banker at Merrill Lynch in New York, to now when I’m mostly representing the media publishing side of my own business. I would say you dress well to feel good, and start the day with a positive attitude.

Any timeless classics that you’ve been wearing for years and years?
I love my cowboy boots that I bought in Las Vegas eight years ago. They somehow manage to find contemporary relevance every other season or the next.

What style of suit do you tend to go for?
A single-breasted, two-buttoned, notched-lapel, double-vented suit.

What styles or colours can help you look slim?
Black, definitely. There’s less of a stigma to a black suit here in Asia, and I often throw on a black blazer for semi-formal or casual work events. Hey, if Tom Ford wears it, so can you.

What’s your number one fashion tip?
Fit and form. Find something that accentuates (fit) your body and silhouette (form) well.