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8 ways to stress-proof your family from the pressures of expat life

In this fast-paced city, it’s important to know where to turn when stress strikes. Clinical psychologist Dr Quratulain Zaidi of MindNLife explains how to look after your family’s wellbeing.

What do families – particularly expats – need to know about mental health?

When those of us lacking a good support network encounter challenges, managing low moods can suddenly become much harder. This is a common issue among expats of all ages, who may feel isolated from friends and family back home. Mental health concerns are more common than you might think; around 25 percent of us experience issues at some point. Issues including self-harm, eating disorders, substance abuse and depressive episodes can occur in children and teens, which is obviously of great concern to parents. Unfortunately, there is still stigma attached to mental illness, and it is often incorrectly perceived as weakness.

Expat families have a lot of stress to deal with
Expat families have a lot of stress to deal with

What steps can we take to enhance a family’s wellbeing and reduce stress?

  1. Prioritise physical and emotional balance
  2. Develop a support network
  3. Model positive behaviour
  4. Approach new experiences with an open mind
  5. Allow children to express their feelings – both positive and negative
  6. Encourage open communication
  7. Live in the present
  8. Seek professional help when required

What differentiates the MindNLife approach from others?

Our team looks after the needs of expat families – from young kids to teens, and couples to executives dealing with high levels of stress – by working inclusively and collaboratively. Our multi-modal approach involves working with other professionals where there is a need, to help support the family as required. We do educational assessments for learning difficulties too, where we work in direct collaboration with schools and parents, unlike so many practices in Hong Kong.


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