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We review The Strand’s eternal youth treatment facial

By: Melissa Stevens

Why is it that when you need a taxi in Hong Kong, you can’t find one for love nor money? The morning of my appointment for an eternal youth treatment facial at The Strand did not start well – a frantic, yet futile search for a cab saw me on a mini-bus and an MTR, followed by a mad dash on foot to reach their Central premises next to the MidLevels escalator.

facial: One of the The Strand's relaxing treatment rooms
One of the The Strand’s relaxing treatment rooms

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While I was obviously in somewhat of a state when I arrived, my stress dissipated within moments as I was offered a seat, a drink and a one-on-one chat with beauty therapist Tamara. Suffice to say, she knows her stuff – Tamara has lived in Hong Kong for more than a decade and understands the particular impact the city has on your skin. And she seemed quite optimistic that the evidence of my misspent youth could be altered with The Strand’s Skeyndor Eternal Youth Professional Treatment.

This new facial by Spanish cosmeceutical brand Skeyndor takes a scientific approach to skincare, and promises long-lasting results. The products have apparently been created from a species of apple tree so rare there are only three plants left in existence!

Once I was comfortable on the treatment table, Tamara explained that the facial treatment has been devised to restore the deterioration of my skin’s cells caused by sun damage, lifestyle choices and pollution; it pays attention not just to the face, but to the often-overlooked décolletage and neck area. The 60-minute session began with Tamara cleansing my skin and hydrating it with a thermal spray before exfoliating with a glycolic peel. She then used Skeyndor Eternal stem cell serum, applying it with a massage so soothing and relaxing I’m pretty sure I fell asleep.

facial: Skeyndor products are carefully created
Skeyndor products are carefully created

We then moved on to the centrepiece of the facial treatment, which is the use of Skeyndor’s mesotherapy machine to massage a concentrate of plant stem cell extracts deep into my skin to renew the cells and promote the production of elastin and collagen. Once that’s done, a cryogenic lifting solution is used to stop the redistribution of the stem cells. So far, so science, right? Thankfully, Tamara was on hand to explain things in simple terms: the process effectively replaces damaged cells deep in the epidermis with healthy new ones. And the good news is that the experience of having the machine work to ensure the product penetrates the top layers of my skin was painless and needle-free.

Once that was completed, a Skeyndor Eternal mask was applied – and then I got to see the results. The verdict? I’m genuinely impressed. My skin is noticeably plumper and smoother – the lines are much less visible, and it’s no exaggeration to say I feel more ready for my close-up than I have in years!

The Skeyndor facial is ideal for those aged over 35 years. A series of one a week for four weeks is recommended for optimum results; one treatment costs HK$1,480.

The Strand

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