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Winter. It’s the season for so many fun things: Christmas, entertaining, snow holidays, big jackets, Chinese New Year … ah, the list goes on and on. With all that fun comes a lot of gear. For most of us, storing snowboards, skis, snow equipment and the like is simply not possible in our limited Hong Kong flats. We’re hard-pressed to find the storage space to suitably stock Christmas and Chinese New Year decorations, let alone bulky sports gear!

So, how do other families manage it? They keep their things in an offsite location. We spoke to MAY TSUI, an expat who stores her stuff at RedBox Storage.

Winter Gear

What made you search for a storage facility?

We were previously stationed in Beijing and moved to Hong Kong two years ago. We wanted to keep some of our belongings that didn’t fit into the apartment, including big items like stylish furniture and air purifiers but we didn’t have space, so the quickest solution was to rent a storage unit.

How does it work?

RedBox has a carpark in its facility at Sha Tin, so our logistics company was able to deliver direct from the port. It’s easy for us to drive there any time to check on our stuff. The staff are friendly, and they went through the logistics with us at the beginning, giving clear advice and solutions.

The storage environment is air-conditioned and very clean. The whole building is operated by RedBox; this gives me a level of confidence – it’s not likely to shut down all of a sudden, which can happen with other companies. There’s a security guard at the entrance 24 hours a day. I was given an access code, so to get to the floor, I just input the code.


How often do you access your things?

Around once or twice a month.  Each season, we go to our storage unit and retrieve clothes. My son likes cycling, so he stores his bike there. I’m a Hello Kitty fan and a collector, and I’ve been buying a lot of items, from small figurines and pens to big dolls; so, I’m actually thinking about renting another small unit just to showcase all my collections without taking up too much space at home.

What made you choose RedBox in the first place?

Compared with the other storage companies, they’re a little more expensive but I think it’s worth the money. Other companies I visited didn’t have a carpark, for example, or a security guard. Most importantly, there is staff at the reception area at all times. I’m not scared to go inside the facility alone, which is important to me, and I can seek help any time I need it.

RedBox is at 2-8 Shing Wan Road, Sha Tin, and in other locations in Hong Kong. Find out more about storage solutions starting from as little as nine square feet at the website, redboxstorage.com.hk.

Redbox storage

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