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Step-by-step guide on how to get beach waves using your straighteners

By: Sarah Richard

Summer is coming, and summer in Hong Kong,  means one thing – humidity. We spend our days stuck under air-conditioning, our makeup falling off our faces and our laundry pile higher than ever. But if we are honest, the worst thing about it all is our hair! Whatever your style, length or condition there is just no taming it, so we headed down to GHD HQ crying for help and desperate to know how to get effortless looking waves using just one tool; our straighteners.

Here’s our step-by-step guide straight from the hair god’s of GHD:

*Remember to start with completely dry hair – you will damage your hair if you are trying to style it when wet and the style will not hold.*


  1. Section hair and spray on heat protecting spray. Leave the front parts till last.

    Heat protection spray is very important
    Heat protection spray is very important
  2. Grab your straighteners and attach them to the top section of the hair you are wanting to create a wave on. Wrap the hair around the straighteners once using your free hand

    Always use both hands
    Always use both hands
  3. Now grab the other end of your straighteners (holding it with both hands) and hold it on an angle

    Repeat this process
    Repeat this process
  4. With the hair completely wrapped around the straightener slowly move it down your hair until you come to halfway
  5. Now twist the hair around your straighter the opposite way in order to change the angle of the wave. Once fully twisted move down again, and repeat this action depending on how many different sizes of waves you want

  6. Do this process for each section of hair, not worrying too much about the angle, the aim is to make sure all the waves aren’t in the same direction to give your hair that beachy look
  7. With the front parts of your hair, wave them lighter or simply flick up the ends to keep it more casual
  8. Flip your head forward and use your hands to mess up the waves and add volume
  9. Use hairspray to help hold and define

    Ta-Da.. Beach Waves done using nothing more than a pair of GHDs
    Ta-Da.. Beach Waves done using nothing more than a pair of GHDs

Products we used:

GHD Platinum Styler $ 2,680

GHD Heat-protecting spray $175


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