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3 ways to weave STEM into home life

It seems that everywhere we turn we’re being encouraged to get our kids interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). But, what makes it so important? In short, this is the area of learning that will enable the next generation of innovators. Let’s face it, our world needs more problem solvers! So, get on board – STEM can even be fun for the whole family! If you’re a bit lost, here are three easy ways to get everyone involved outside of school hours.

#1 Screen Time

Is screen time a battle in your house? You’re not alone. One easy way to bring some more STEM learning into the mix is to curate the TV shows your family watches, encouraging more relevant content. There are loads of great shows with a techy or science twist these days. One way to access many of these is to sign up to the STEM Learning Pack through Now TV. The pack is designed to provide kids aged six to 12 years with an enjoyable and multidimensional learning experience; the idea is that they can learn together with their parents outside of school.

Now Player

#2 Conversation

We all know the power of dinner-time family conversations. These little chats are vital for boosting intellectual curiosity, creating stronger bonds, learning active listening skills and so much more. If you want to get serious about STEM, get talking about it at dinner time! Ask your kids open-ended questions about what they’ve been watching, what projects they’re working on at school, and even set some family challenges – an engineering challenge, like building a tower, a bridge or a floating raft, is always a good place to start.

#3 Toys

There are so many amazing STEM-inspired toys out there that provide hands-on experience in robotics and science. Try some of the range from 4M, a Hong Kong-based company that specialises in educational toys. Subscribers to the Now TV STEM Learning Pack receive 12 boxes of learning toys from 4M, and with a new toy delivered to your home every two months through a 24-month subscription, it keeps things fresh for the kids!

Stem Kidz Robotix

Now TV’s new STEM Learning Pack provides a home- and family-friendly ecosystem for children to learn through TV, interactive apps and educational toys that reinforce the subject’s disciplines. Specially curated learning programmes on topics such as the universe, nature, science, mathematics, art and culture, and the animal kingdom are available in the all-new Now Learn On Demand library. For subscription details, call Now TV on 2888 0008 (press 2), or visit the website at

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