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Is this the secret to a good night’s sleep?

A good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing, but with Hong Kong’s weather, this isn’t always easy. According to Steve Dullard, owner of luxury bedding linen brand Silk Road Desire, it’s all about the silk.

The right bedding is key to a restful sleep in Hong Kong
The right bedding is key to a restful sleep in Hong Kong

Arriving in Hong Kong 20 years ago from Australia, Steve and his wife Sue couldn’t find a duvet that suited them both, due to their radically differing body temperatures. So, Steve set out on a mission to create a product that offered the health benefits of silk, with five-star hotel luxury in terms of quality. After much research and numerous visits to silk manufacturers, a supplier who understood those values was found, and Silk Road Desire was born.

Why silk bedding?

As well as being soft, light and luxurious, Steve explains that silk is “hypoallergenic, very durable, and allows for temperature regulation”. It doesn’t retain moisture, and with the layered duvet filling there’s a natural air gap between layers, so “hot” sleepers won’t wake up from a wet duvet, as any excess heat is released into the air. While excess heat is released, warmth is maintained, and, as there’s no moisture, there’s no breeding ground for mould, bugs or mites.

The shell of the duvet is also an important factor. The 100 percent sateen cotton used in the brand’s duvet covers and sheets is also used for the shell, as it allows the silk to breathe. It’s clear that there is real attention to detail throughout the entire production process, too. The manufacturing is done by hand, and no chemicals are used. Steve personally inspects every part of the process for every order, from the extraction of the silk through to the packaging, to ensure quality is maintained. The products are packaged in a cotton canvas tote bag, holding true to his environmental commitment.

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