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Showcase: We love this eclectic Mid-Levels family home on Po Shan Road, Hong Kong


We visit the home of Simone Daly, owner of Attic Lifestyle and lover of all things beautiful, handmade and artisan.

Being an expat with no fixed abode can all too often result in you surrounding yourself with flat-pack furniture and hand-me-downs. While your wedding presents, family heirlooms and happy reminders of past times lie in a storage unit or garage awaiting their final forever home, you sadly make do with mismatched pieces and disposable items that hold no memories and to which you have no emotional attachment.

Simone Daly is an expat who has lived in Hong Kong for the past six years and who wholeheartedly rejects this common expat habit, preferring to make her house a home by surrounding herself only with beautiful things bought with love or pieces shipped from her native South Africa that hold special memories.

Her home on Po Shan Road in Mid-Levels that she shares with her husband Ian and three-year-old daughter Ava is an inspirational treasure trove filled with an eclectic mix of art, furniture, flea market finds and bespoke pieces all chosen for a reason.