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Showcase: Discover interior designer Beverly McCloskey’s Mid-Levels home


Interior designer Beverly McCloskey and her family arrived here in 2005, and because they came from New York’s apartment-living environment, Hong Kong’s high-rises didn’t seem such a departure from the norm.

Beverly also embraced the challenge of adapting her interior style to the sometimes awkward architectural designs of Hong Kong buildings – a challenge she has risen to with great effect.

Furthermore, the mother-of-two wanted to draw inspiration from her hometown in Alabama, a place where larger houses with sweeping gardens often utilise the plush and traditional rather than just the quirky or contemporary.

The result is a home in the heart of bustling Mid-levels that combines all three: New York finesse, Southern American charm and Asian one-offs (in part thanks to her architect husband’s Asian-focused furniture business).

Beverly now runs an eponymous interior design company while caring for her daughters, Anna Grace (4) and Mary (15 months).

She describes her style as “eclectic” as she loves to collect items from around the world. “Everything has a story,” she says from the warm and inviting living room of her 2,200-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment on Robinson Road.

“I also like the bigger colours to be neutral as I prefer to use cushions and flowers and other accessories to bring in smaller colours, which allows you to change things over time.”